Detmold 39-45

Is anyone aware of a source for aerial shots (preferably but any phots will be useful) of Detmold airfield from 1939-1945? I have a hobby I'd rather not talk about but these would be helpful :) I know that it was attacked by american fighters towards the end of the war but at the moment I'm guessing at where airfield defences were and I'm also not sure whether the current strip is on the location of the original? Would appreciate any help.

edit: I've been looking through the Stadtarchiv but haven't turned anything up yet.
There where sum photos of pre war Detmold on 'Reme Avation BAOR'. At least oe was of the old aifield and memory says there was a map of the field.
Thanks for the answer John. I'll try to get Chels Hales e-mail and ask whether he still has the phots you mentioned. I'm finding stuff (mainly american INC and ARP .50) but nothing german apart from the odd coin so far.
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