Determination to lose weight to sign up

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Naylor, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Before I start I just want to say that im not doing this for attention im doing it for people who want to sign up but dont think they can because of their weight and BMI.

    In January 2009 I was almost 22 stone but I was still an active person, playin rugby and football. Ive always wanted to sign up as I have a military background but ive always had a problem with my weight. So around about my 24th birthday I decided I really wanted to go for it and this was my last chance to do it. I started dieting and had a competition with a lad at work who was round about the same weight as me to help motivate me even more. I started running 7 nights a week and boxin 3 nights a week as well as cutting out fizzy drinks and bread. in october i went into the careers office and sat down with 1 of the sgts I went through all the paper work and then did the bit I dreaded after......the scales! I weighed in at just over 17 stone, which was when I got told my BMI was too high. but instead of just showing me the door, he gave me targets to hit every 2 weeks. By sticking to a strict diet, which included no chocolate/crisps/chips/bread etc, and alot of training and ALOT of determination I smashed every target he set for me. and my christmas he put me on the system and booked by barb test for january.

    I was still over on my bmi (i needed to be 88kg to be the right BMI) he explained to me that if my body fat is 20% or less and a BMI of up to 32 I still had a chance of getting in. I then went on the have my interviews and the pre-selection at RAF stafford, which I did a run time of 11mins 15. I went back into the office a week later to see what would happen next and was told that the OC was happy with my weight loss and my dedication but wanted me to do my pre-selection again and wanted a run time of 10mins 59 or less, so I would have a better chance. So I went along and ran a 10mins 13, which i couldnt believe. but i went to the start line knowing that i had to put everything into it.

    I then got my dates for selection for the beginning of June. I passed my medical weighing 91.9kg and was told I was still over my BMI so I had to have my waist measured, i cant remember what the measurement was but I was 2cm under, which made me very happy that all of my hard work and dieting over the last 18 months had paid off. I went on to get a mid B grade. I got a phone call at the train station telling my I had my start date already.

    Even though I got in with my weight how it was, by the time I get to Bassingbourn I want to be the right BMI, which I am pleased to say I am there already. But im still training hard and dieting to get it even lower.

    I am posting this to show other people that although at times it might seem like an impossible task but with determination, dedication and someone who is willing to help you through the hardest parts it can be done. Its not easy and at times you will feel like giving up and munching a big maccies but my story goes to show that even if you are extremely overweight, anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

    Thanks for reading and I hope this motivates anyone who thinks they are too overweight to even consider joining.

    I have a before and after photo to prove im not bullshitting lol

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  2. Braver than me posting a photo on here, at least you had the good sense not to do it in the naffi!
  3. i havnt posted the pics for people to take the piss but if they want to thats up to them, ive posted them to show that hard work pays off and to show im not bullshitting with the story , hoping it helps others dig deep and achieve what they need to
  4. Hi, first post .... but wow what an achievement! Congrats to you!! Given me lots of motivation to get my ass down the gym!
  5. thanks.. glad its motivating you and good luck
  6. It was more persec i was thinking of really, There'll always be bods taking the piss (thank god, when it stops you know your in the brown stuff*) I also had to lose weight to join and while it wasn't on the scale of your own efforts i can understand both your pride and your wish to help motivate others.

    *Not newcastle brown either
  7. Go on lad! fair play 2 ya
  8. lol i know what u mean mate ive worked hard and if it helps other people im glad u can do anything if u put ur mind to it and i dont mind people taking the piss lol i even do it to myself when i look at my old pics lol
  9. Good skills there. Giving up eating what I want has been 10 times harder than giving up smoking ever was. I've been trying to shift a couple of stone for a few years, exercised a lot, but couldn't keep away from the pie tree.
    I finally gave in and joined weightwatchers 5 weeks ago, and I'm 10 pounds lighter already. The wierd thing is that evry bloke i know takes the piss out of me for this, even the fat *****!!!!
    Good luck with your military career, you've already shown a lot of determination.
  10. Well done you ex-fat sod! :) Good luck with it all and I hope it goes well for ya. What you hoping to join?

    CC_TA (Still a fat sod.)
  11. stainmaster i didnt sign up to weightwatchers but i did the diet workin out all the points, it works well and well done with the weight loss keep it up, yea i had the same people who where bigger than me who where going no where and hanging around the streets where shouting stuff at me but i just ignored and even people who i was bigger than where at it aswell but im smaller than them now and i just run past with a smile on my face coz they dont say anything anymore lol. just keep it up mate it pays off in the end

    CC_TA lol thanks mate, im joining the Queens Royal Lancers
  12. Some huge reductions there mate! Fair play, that is effort.

    I sort of know a lad who was due to knock off 1.5stone to start his army app, I'm sure it's well over a year later and if anything the weight has gone up.

    Most people seem to be pie in the sky
  13. cheers mate if u want it that bad u will do anything to get it thats how i think anyway
  14. Good effort fella!
  15. Good effort. That sort of dedication will do you good in your upcoming career. Good luck for the future.