Detective to Officer Cadet career move???

Discussion in 'Officers' started by The_Filth, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. I am a 24 year old Detective Constable currently living in the north of England. I have spent last 4.5 years working as a police officer and been promoted to DC as quickly as regulations allow. In short, I have a secure job with bright career prospects.

    However, my one regret in life is that I didn’t join the Army prior to joining the fuzz!

    I have spent the last 6 months in the TA, doing basic infantry training and I’m going to have a crack at the Commando course this summer. I have really enjoyed the experience. So much so, that I am considering going along to my local careers office, with a view to joining the regulars.

    My question is: Will I be laughed out of the office if I enquire about officer selection?

    Academically, I have very unimpressive A levels, but in Dec this year I will complete a two year foundation degree in Crime Investigation. Most of my work to date has been graded generally at 2:1 standard.

    My dilemma is at age 25 with what is basically a HND by another name, and a fair degree of life experience would any infantry regiment be realistically willing to sponsor me?

    I appreciate that my CV will be only one of many factors considered, but I would really appreciate any advice/guidance from those in the know!

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply.

  2. As a matter of police pedantry, you werent 'promoted' to DC, you're still a constable.
    Foundation degree - see what that worth to another employer - not a lot I'll be bound.
  3. Have you thought about a T.A. commission? It all depends if you enjoy the job. I would say if you enjoy the police stay with it and carry on with the T.A. therfore you can get the best of both worlds. I know its a hard choice if you are thinking about it all the time. Look at the bigger picture. In 30 years you would get a good pension from either job if you took on the army and stuck with for 22 years. The T.A. may seem good because on the sunday you know you will be going home to your bed and back to normal at the end of the weekend, if you chose the army its a full time lifestyle let a lone job.
  4. What a fucking chopper!

    John I'd suggest your first port of call is your own CO (if he is regular) or the Training Major. Either way they will be able to give you something more than "police fcuking pedantry" and other sh1te on here.

    IMHO I would suggest that your Police background counts for a lot - you are a known entity insofar as discipline, integrity, values etc and I would suggest that your Foundation Degree counts for more than conker b0llocks made out as well.

    You'll get some better answers tomorrow when the Forum is more active but in the meantime take most of what you read on here with a pinch of salt.


    (Edited to swear more)
  5. Don't see why you shouldn't apply. Having said that, consider what life as a Regular officer will mean to you and your loved ones compared to life as a TA officer. Barrack life seems to have hit rock bottom from what I've read.

    Best wishes for your career.

    Ex STAB
  6. I think you should buy a six pack and enjoy life - the regs are not as good as what they used to be..... last time I saw adventure trg???? Yeah right....
  7. I will have to be a 'chopper' and agree with the previous pedant re this; PC to DC is not a promotion.

    Good luck with the commission though!
  8. I've probably over worn the phrase qualities over qualifications or suchlike and I agree with E Layer.

    I would suggest that you probably have the sort of qualities and values that the Army hold in great store. You will probably also be able, after a while, to add some value to the debate on whether soldiers should be paid comparable wages to coppers at the start... (I know, wrong thread).

    In terms of getting laughed out of the office... you are in the right place -i.e., the TA, to get a pretty fair impression of whether you have the qualities to be an officer in that you will be able to be assessed in a similar environment. I recommend that you send a pm to soroban or msr who may be able to give you some pertinent advice on TA officer recruiting.

    Good luck.
  9. The_Filth,

    I've got an amount of expereince in both of the aforementioned areas.

    Drop me a PM if you want my advice.

  10. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    On the age issue, for better or for worse, more than a couple of 28-29 year olds have recently been commissioned in to Inf Regts from RMAS. One in particular, an absolute star, had been a PE teacher for 7 odd years. He was keen, fit, and still relates well to the blokes.

    There is an arguement that subbies shouldn't be that much older than the blokes they command, and that a guy who joins the army older will have problems promoting from Major to Lt Col.

    At the Pl Comd end, I believe it much more important that you are fit, keen, and understand that you will need to spend a large amount of your time in barracks (so if you're married for example, forget it). In the 1st World War, it's often said that the subbies job was to mother their lads (no flame necessary - it's a quote used at RMAS, I forget who from, to start debate on this subject), but in those days the Pl Comd didn't have much scope to conduct Msn Command, and Bde frontages were measured in metres, not Km at times. These days, it's different - Pl Comds often have independant commands, or will be based alone with their men, with the OC a few hours away. There is less time to learn your trade, and we need mature, steady hands to carry the day. In short, most Regts will try to keep a fair balance; ideally (and my opinion) you want a non-grad, a young graduate, and a slightly more mature subby per Coy.

    At the Major/Lt Col end, the older you leave it, the trickier (I believe) you'll find it to pick up Command. Then again, times are changing, and it's not that long since RMAS entry was extended to 29, or whatever it is, so maybe later entrants will be OK once they've trickled through.

    In short (loving the sound of my own voice, again), your age will only be a barrier, for the first 10-12 years at least, if you let it; but do make due consideration to the fact that you will have to make quite a few personal (life) sacrifices in your first few years.

  11. Points to note -
    graduate/ none graduate entry - big difference in salary initially.
    At present you would be a none graduate as that's what you are.
    Probably another 18 months to achieve a full degree.
    Therefore, if you're looking at a none graduate entry, do you have sufficient 'points' for want of a better word in your A level results.
    Check out the Army website for clarification.

    Bear in mind the loss of overtime, less than 5's, major incident room involvement (write out the hours you want to work), change of pension scheme should you rejoin the police (get those 35 years in) and the bits that being in the job can't be duplicated in any other field. Of course salary is not all, but that's what pays the mortgage.

    It's probably of more value to speak to those TA officers you parade with for real advice than a conker b0llocks like me (although I really like that term) on an anonymous internet forum.
  12. Good luck mate.

    I would have thought the RMP would be interested in you as a potential SIB Rodney.
  13. Get a life, you dont get promoted DC for a kick off and if you worked in a busy station like some do youd have no time for the TA or yourself for that matter. a good DC averages a 14/16 hr day at the moment. Im trying to get a shift in the sand to recharge my batteries. Diploma's and good detectives dont go hand in hand mate. Call me old fashioned but if youve got time for all that your a PONTI.

    I wish you well


  14. "IMHO I would suggest that your Police background counts for a lot - you are a known entity insofar as discipline, integrity, values etc"

    e-layer, I see your point but this is a naieve view of the police. Being a copper does not make someone a 'known' anything.

    The people I know in the police are stars who do a near impossible job in difficult circumstances and I hold them in high regard, however, lets not get carried away, there are plenty of utter knobs too and being a member of the police in no way qualifies someone as having officer qualities.

    On subject - speak to your training major/adj and see what they think but there is only one way to find out, get yourself booked onto an RCB. It would be good to get sponsored by a unit you want to join but it doesn't really matter who sponsors you. If you don't pass the RCB, no sweat, it just means the officer route is probably not for you, you can always enlist. You can also look at TA officer route as an alternative. However, if you enjoy being in the TA, why not keep doing it and get yourself out on ops every now and again? The best of both worlds in my view.

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
  15. FFS mate, do not waste your time on the RMP. Your skills and qualifications will be utterly wasted. There are no SIB 'Rodneys' so to speak, all of them bar the odd DE are Late Entry Officers. DE's only stay for 2 years or so and don't do any investigations because they can't and aren't allowed to.

    Never mind Efargee.....he's not just quite out of probation yet. He's playing the old sweat and has done since he went to Tullialan. He's a crow, but to listen to him, you'd think that he was Carver from the Bill.

    Try the Int Corps mate. You've got some skills there that they could use.

    All the best.