Detective Garda Jerry McCabe 7th June 1996 R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gallowglass, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Today is the tenth anniversary of the murder of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe by the PIRA at Adare, Co. Limerick on 7th June 1996. Detective Garda McCabe and his colleague - seriously wounded in the attack - were performing escort duty on a post office van when a unit of the Munster 'Brigade' of the PIRA attempted to stage a robbery. The PIRA gunman immediately approached the car in which the two Gardaí were seated, and fired some eighteen rounds from an AK-47 into the front compartment at close range. Neither of the Gardaí had time to draw their own weapons.

    Since that time - and the conviction (for manslaughter) of five PIRA men - Sinn Féin, after initiallly denying that the incident had anything to do with them, have consistently refused to condemn the murder (while expressing 'regret') and members of Sinn Féin at all levels regularly refer to the robbery as either 'a fund raising operation' or 'an armed withdrawal', and demand that the PIRA men be set free 'under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement'; sitting Sinn Féin members of the Dáil (Irish Parliament) have visited the men at their open prison, including one TD (MP) who was convicted for gun-running in the 1980s and is widely believed to sit on the PIRA's 'Army Council'.
  2. That would be Martin Ferris. He is the TD (MP) for Kerry North. I browsed through his new book in a shop in Kerry not long back. Would make great toilet paper but the ink is a bit course!!.

    However a statement of regreat was produced by those involved:

    "We deeply regret the death of Garda Jerry McCabe and the wounding of Garda Ben O’Sullivan during an IRA operation in Adare in June 1996. We deeply regret and apologise for this and the hurt and grief we have caused to their families. There was never any intent to attack any members of the Garda Siochána.

    We are qualifying IRA prisoners under the Good Friday agreement. This has been confirmed by the High Court and the Supreme Court.

    The Irish Government have an obligation to release us. They have refused to do so and are now presenting our release as an obstacle to negotiations and an agreement.

    For this reason we do not want our release to be part of any further negotiations with the Irish government.

    We are totally committed to the peace process. We will not allow ourselves to be used as political pawns or hostages to undermine this process. The cause of lasting peace is too important."
  3. Thank you for drawing my attention to this india-juliet, as it serves as a prime example of the jaw-dropping hypocrisy that Sinn Fein/IRA are capable of. In particular, those words highlighted by me emphasise, I feel, the moral posturing that 'the Republican Movement' is capable of.

    I have no doubt that SF/IRA do indeed very much 'regret' the death of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe, because it showed them for what they are - criminal murderers; their 'regret' (a rather limp word in such circumstances I feel) stems from the avalanche of (regrettably short-lived) political flak that descended upon them. It needs also to be borne in mind that Adams and Co. initially hotly denied that the 'operation' (that's 'robbery' Gerry) had anything to do with the IRA.

    To baldly state that "There was never any intent to attack any members of the Garda Siochána" flies in the face of the fact that the IRA gunman immediately approached the two Gardaí in their car at the start of the raid, and proceeded to hose it down with automatic rifle fire - some eighteen rounds at close range if I recollect. The surviving Garda clearly recalls - as do other witnesses - that the gunfire came in two bursts. The intention was therefore obviously to kill the two Gardaí. Other Sinn Féin/IRA members - such as Martin Ferris's daughter, who is, God protect us, 'Mayor of Tralee' - have attempted to cloud the issue by suggesting that the IRA men were fired upon (they were not; both Garda personal weapons were holstered and their Uzi SMG was in its case on the back seat of the car) or that the IRA man may have 'accidentally' fired his weapon (of course he did, eighteen rounds in two bursts...). As for their last bit of PR spin, it should more properly read 'The Cause is too important'.

    Then again, the rather blatant manner in which this attack on the State has been shovelled under the carpet marked 'Threats to the Peace Process' is hardly surprising considering the collective shrug that has often greeted the killing of members of the RUC.
  4. Deplorable - reminds me of the young RUC officer they came up on from behind, and shot in the back of the head - if my memory serves me correctly they were dressed as women - I don't remember the year, it just struck me at the time that anyone who could do that to a young man just doing his job....well what can I say.

    I understand the reasons for the prisoner release, and I do support what the government is trying to achieve, nevertheless it goes against all I believe in to see men who committed such terrible acts go free.
  5. The Terrorists are sick, but even worse is the fact that Irish people are willing to believe this rationalisation of murder and moral perversity.

    It really makes my blood a point where I have deleted most of what I was going to say.
  6. I agree fully with the sentiment you express, Gallowglass. Why then do so many citizens of the Republic vote for the savages? Is is purely out of some sort of romantic warrior-agin-the-Brits sentiment? Or, in denial of the extraordinary economic success of the country in the last decade or so, do they long for the revolutionary socialism which will be their lot if they succeed in putting Gerry on his throne as President? Beats me. But then, I look at the creatures who've been voted into more-equal-than-everyone-else type of power in Africa, and frankly can't see much difference. Other than the fact that Gerry's paltry scribblings don't even approach either the academic rigour or the political nous of many of the worst efforts of any of the grisliest dictators on the continent over the last few decades...

    Incidentally, on 'mayors', I just noticed today that a person (nameless) who indulged in random, cruel and base murder in the 70's is an 'ex-mayor' of a large Northern Irish city. Morality ain't what it used to be, eh?
  7. There are "people" who were convicted of murdering RUC Officers and have been released. Now, I am NOT for one moment advocating the release of these scumbags, but why are RUC murderers released, but there is a stink about the release of Gardai Officers. Is the life of an RUC Officer worth less?
  8. You have heard of the concept of an idiot before haven't you?


    Sinn Fein's voters in the South are largely Chavistanis looking for easy answers to all their problems something that a party that has never done anything (Legal) can easily play to.

    There are also a small hardcore of idealistic idiots who buy into all the liberation crap and bray about anti-facism while subscribing to an organisation that breaks peoples legs for not voting for them and claims all british persons not sympathetic to their cause are baby eating closet monsters.

    Then there are the few people like one of my relatives by marriage who have been driven into voting for their local Sinn Fein Mullah because the state has genuinely failed to protect them from violent anti-social criminals....something which Sinn Fein's own violent anti-social criminals will take care of for them.

    And finally there is that vital Sinn Fein voting electoral group, the dead.

    I personally know of one house that received voting cards for four variations of the same name of a person long since deceased.

    Happy days.
  9. Yes, Guru. In terms of diplomatic values. Rather like the life of a British Soldier set against the column inch value to the possible vote in the next ... oh, Council elections? You can do an spreadsheet calculation and graph on these things; it's taught at various Peace Studies centres of Excellence in former Polys throughout the country, I'm sure.
  10. I would like to point out that not ALL Irish people are supportive of the violence, murder and mayhem used by Republican terrorists. I am exceptionally proud to be a member of the British Army and am now currently a police officer in N.Ireland, and in no way believe that anyone's life is more, or less valuable than mine. I have served both Queen and my country for 13 years now in a variety of roles and guises and continue to do so, but feel that sometimes the greater British public think ALL Irishmen are the same, WE ARE NOT and I AM most certainly NOT.
    To end my rant, my sincere and heartfelt condolences are sent to the family and colleagues of Detective Garda McCabe, please know that your sacrifice is not forgotten, and you and ALL our police and military colleagues on both sides of the North sea, lost in the futility of what some call, an occupation and others (myself included) called the war is not in vain.


    sorry button pushed :x
  11. Whiskybreath

    Ex-mayor ??
    Small bloke often dressed in a duffel-coat ?? apart from the hole in the front due to a shotgun wound ??
    Duffel-coats with jagged holes in the front never made it into Top-Shop. wonder why ??
  12. Hey, I was lurking in these waters in the Province in the 80's! Electoral fraud was so blatant in so many wards it wasn't even commented on!
  13. `Personation.
    A game for all the family, even if the surname is not the same, or close.
  14. Not the one I was thinking of, who was a serial arsonist for some of her life, and who participated in a number of murderous atrocities in the 70s. A ladies' clothier in Coleraine died in a particularly awful incident perpetrated by her.

    Once upon a time there was a 'mugger' known as ' Muppet' (PWO, I think), who was instrumental in killing her vile career, along with those of others of her ilk, by walking one step behind her whenever she went shopping to any particularly flammable retailer. She (or possibly it was another like her; certainly one of them) had a very public nervous breakdown. I hope he got a gong. (I'll accept any corrections; my memory is very Guinnessy).
  15. Sorry, this was the one I was thinking of -
    ""Interview with Alex Maskey, Lord Mayor of Belfast

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - February 22, 2003

    Alex Maskey, Lord Mayor of Belfast was in Pittsburgh February 21 and 22, 2003 to visit with the Mayor of Pittsburgh, Tom Murphy and a variety of civic leaders and friends. Friday evening many friends congregated at Mullins Diner on the North Side to welcome Alex Maskey and hear a short, yet poignant talk about Belfast. I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Maskey on Saturday afternoon at the Hilton Hotel. This interview was aired in part, on ECHOES OF ERIN, WEDO 810AM on Sunday, March 23, 2003.

    DVB: Alex Maskey, Lord Mayer of Belfast, welcome to Pittsburgh

    AM: It is good to be here.

    DVB: Alex Maskey, you are a Republican, a Sinn Fein Councilor, and now Lord Mayor of Belfast,. You have created history in several areas: the First Sinn Fein Councilor elected to Belfast City Council in 1983, First Sinn Fein Mayor of Belfast City, the First Mayor to display the Irish flag in City Hall and you are the First Republican, Lord Mayor, to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph to commemorate the Irish soldiers who died in the First World War and commemorate the 86th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. That is quite an accomplishment, how do you feel about your accomplishments and your role as Lord Mayor of Belfast?""

    Rest edited for bulxxit...