Detective accused of taking bribes from Russian exiles

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. ALLEGATIONS that a British security company with wealthy Russian clients paid a police officer in the extradition unit for sensitive information are being investigated by Scotland Yard.

    The officer, who has been moved temporarily from his post, is alleged to have provided Home Office and police intelligence concerning moves by Moscow to extradite a number of Russia’s wealthiest and most wanted men living in Britain.

    The officer under investigation has been identified as Detective Sergeant Gary Flood. His home and office were raided last month.

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said yesterday: “We are conducting an investigation into allegations that a serving officer made unauthorised disclosures of information to another individual in exchange for money.”

    Anti-corruption detectives are examining the relationship between Sergeant Flood and a former Scotland Yard detective, one of the original partners in ISC. The men admit to being close friends for more than 25 years but deny any impropriety and are willing to co-operate with the inquiry.

    Sergeant Flood has not been suspended. His lawyer said: “All allegations of impropriety in whatsoever form are categorically and unequivocally denied.”

    The Officer's home & Office get raided by the DPS, he is under investigation but not suspended!!!
  2. link?
  3. Which in my experiences suggests that perhaps he may be innocent? :D

  4. Is there a link for this or a steer to say the BBC news website etc?
  5. Innocent until proven guilty - one of the basic points of English law - we all know the background to some of Russia's extradition requests (oil) - and why the fugitives were not extradited. I would hazard a wild guess that this is mischief making of the part of someone acting for the president