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Detecting 'phishing'


Thanks for that input gentlemen, very informative. What has been bothering me is pages freezing, slowing to snail's pace and otherwise acting funny, when the place is deserted, so not a case of overload. This happens frequently at different places, which in itself seems a bit suspect to me. As I said initially, not likely to damage me financially, just never been fond of people mucking about with things they shouldn't. Re the comment about Poland, there was a similar thing in Slovakia...I remember a number doing the rounds in the late 90s which had some means to block STB ( Slovak KGB now calls itself SIS - Slovak Information Service) interference with mobiles.
The main suspect has made a statement

That can be due to any number of issues, esp where wifi is in the equation. Plus an unknown quality of link from cafe to ISP, and the ISP's backhaul and tiering connection, and even which INX it is connected to. And what sites you are using.
Use a VPN to rule out MITM attacks
plus you could have picked up any number of dodgy add-ons
Also, if yuou are using a modern OS, you may have an interoperability issue between OS and the cafe router...

Mrs Slocombe

Right, I've read and re-read this a dozen times, and I think what you meant to say was:

I'm using Internet cafes and I suspect the operators are intercepting network traffic.

If so, that's not phishing.

If they are intercepting network traffic, that's clearly illegal under GDPR and the data protection authority in whichever country this is occurring may or may not take a dim view of this.

Since you don't have access to their network, you won't be able to prove this as such. They may have a server in the back room (or even further upstream) that's packet sniffing.
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The way lots of people use public access computers makes me cringe. Particularly in the UK in libraries, the number of times I have logged on to find somebody elses gmail or facebook sat there wide open. I used to send them messages from themselves reading- You should be more careful about logging off when using public computers...yours Your Stalker. I expect they never forgot to do it again !!!

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