detapo/tapoc module 2 queries

Hi peeps

I am hopefully going for my commission shortly and I need to know what kind of things/stuff is under taken on the module 2 part of the syllabus.

I am going the LE route so I wont have to do the whole syllabus just some brush up work on skills and drills.

Any pointer would be gratefully received


I think (it has been a while) and not just specifically for you
Section Orders
Section attacks
Recce Patrols and orders
Quick Platoon attacks and orders
The combat estimate (The 7 Questions)
Map reading

I was tested (back in the day) on
Assemble a 349 or 351 including functionality tests and setting a freq
Encoding and decoding a couple of messages in BATCO
Simple voice procedure

Map reading
Find ridges, saddles, reentrants etc
8 fig grid referances
Find Pub Telephone etc

5 mins of waffle on suject of your choice

Now comes the biggie
Combat estimate 45mins to do this baby
Write orders for Hasty Platoon attack in 45mins
Deliver these to DS
Top tip; FOLLOW THE FECKING HEADINGS. And sound confident while FOLLOWING THE HEADINGS. While reading it to the DS FOLLOWING THE HEADINGS if there is no Air for example say "No Air Threat"

Most importantly FOLLOW THE HEADINGS or did I already mention that because if you do you are halfway there already.

It won't have changed much. The Estimate and Orders are the most important bit here. Just remember to...well you know by now. If it all goes horribly wrong you can regain quite a bit in the summary. Make notes don't write it all out. You have a plan in your head just use bullet points. Jury is out as to how much can be blagged as it HAS to be backed up by the deductions you made in your Estimate.

Hope this helps. Don't worry you will be taught all of this.
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