DETAPO selection weekend...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cleanbluesky, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. Hello

    I am due to go on DETAPO selection weekend next weekend...

    I am expecting it to be a TAMB lite type affair - anyone got any advice?

    I generally keep an eye out for current affairs anyway (except perhaps sport), I am proficient in putting my opinion across in debate and I am a confident person generally...

    Is there anything else I should prepare for?
  2. Have you done TAMB?
  3. Ask questions. Learn properly about the process ahead. If you've already done your phase 1 try to get a list of dates for Module 2 not just with your brigade but other brigades too, just in case you can't make a weekend and need to catch up.

    Alot of situations require you to listen and keep mouth shut. This first weekend shouldn't be like that but don't ask stupid questions. Just make sure you know where you stand and what options you have.
  4. No. It would be unlikely that I would be attending DETAPO selection if I had.
  5. Yeh I was thinking that was odd. What Bde are you with?
  6. Okay, I'll ask pertinent questions and be obviously interested

    It seems there will be certain excercises and group discussions and general knowledge tests over the weekend.
  7. None yet, its selection to join the DETAPO scheme...
  8. Which Bde are you going to do selection with then?
  9. London. Does the process differ between cells?
  10. Some Bdes don't bother with selection. Mine didn't.
  11. Cleanbluesky are you doing DETAPO selection at Longmoor by any chance?
  12. Maybe...

    Why do you ask?
  13. Because I've also got my DETAPO selection weekend next weekend with London and it's down at Longmoor. Was merely asking to see if you were on the same weekend.
    Feel free to PM me
  14. You'll be tested on all areas of general knowledge, not just what's been in the papers in the last few weeks. I would elaborate, but that would take the fun out of it! Just enjoy yourself on the weekend, you're not going to get that much information here that will help you. You sound prepared enough, just go for it.
  15. They select DETAPOs!!!??? 8O