Details Required of Paymaster General

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ruby2shoes, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. My son's wages have been cocked up in a major way for 2 months and he's now suffering financial difficulties, bank charges etc.

    My partner is an Independent Financial Advisor and has been asked by my son to take this up for him (he'll sign a letter of authority etc so that my partner can act on his behalf). My son is currently on exercise overseas and I wondered if anyone would be able to post the address, phone no. etc for the Paymaster General.

    Also, is it true that Paymaster General is no longer part of the Army but is sub-contracted?
  2. The Paymaster General is nothing to do with the Army - details here.

    The address for the organisation responsible for pay (according to my P60) is:

    SO1 PPS(G),
    MP 600
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    Glasgow G2 8EX.

    First port of call for your son is his unit pauy staff, and I'd be surprised if your partner can do something they can't. Also, are you sure you're getting the full story from him?
  3. Donny, thanks for your help and the information.

    My son has tried the normal routes but the problem is that he's away a lot of the time and his wife now has no money at all! He appears to have received a very cavalier attitude from his pay unit - they know a mistake has been made but aren't too concerned about the affect of it.

    I'm certain that I'm getting the true story from him because he's asked my partner to look into it for him (who is also ex Army) and I know the details of how the Paymaster has cocked up... it is in a major way (like taking two 0s off the end of his pay)! We're hoping that it's corrected by the time he gets his next pay statement but, naturally, after two months of this his situation is dire and charges have been incurred.
  4. You sure you are not also KEVKJ who also joined on July 12 2005 whinging about the ill justice of his son in this other thread:

    Just seems strange that 2 Dads, on the same day, choose to join ARRSE and pose questions on their son's behalf.
  5. I'm a mother, not a father and I've no idea about this other person.

    And I'm NOT whinging about any ill-justice. I was simply asking for info on Paymaster General with every intention of sorting it out myself.

    Don't be so bloody rude!
  6. watertight and ruby2shoes....

    handbags at dawn

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    stand by
  7. Your son really should take this up with his administering unit. If he is not getting help for them then he should approach his Pl Comd/Coy Comd to assist him. Keeping within the CoC will resolve his problems much quicker.

    If he has incurred charges because of a fault within the MoD there is a way to claim these back. Keep all the evidence for him and when his pay problem is fixed he should approach his RAO for help.
  8. If he is away for a long period of time, he should have signed a document giving his wife permission to deal with his pay on his behalf while away.

    His wife shouldnt be experiencing hardship in his absense (unless its of their own making). If there has been a mistake which has left them short, and he can do nothing about it from his end, i suggest she arms herself with the details and goes to see her unit welfare officer who should investigate on her behalf. There are processes in place to cash pay underpayments, so she shouldnt be short.

    And as for a civi ringing up to try and sort a Soldiers pay for him, are you trying to drop him in the sh1te? He's in the Army now, He's an adult and should be sorting this via the chain of command.