Details of KRH Fatality

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cynical-Subbie, May 30, 2005.

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  1. From the BBC:

    MoD name soldier killed in Iraq

    L/Cpl Brackenbury's family said they were proud of him
    A British soldier killed in a bomb attack on a military convoy in southern Iraq has been named.
    L/Cpl Alan Brackenbury, 21, from East Yorkshire, was among troops targeted while travelling to meet security officials on Sunday.

    Four other soldiers injured in the attack, in the Maysan region 160 miles north of Basra, were flown to hospital.

    The death brings the number of British troops killed in Iraq since the start of military operations to 88.

    The Ministry of Defence said the scene of the attack had been sealed off and that the incident was under investigation.

    There is a sizeable British contingent in that region and relations with the people of Amara are difficult

    Charles Heyman
    Jane's Information Group

    The Ministry of Defence said it was with "very deep regret" that it confirmed L/Cpl Brackenbury's death.

    L/Cpl Brackenbury's father, Stephen, said: "He was immensely proud to be a soldier and we were immensely proud that he was a soldier.

    "It is some comfort to us, as we grieve for Alan, that he died doing what he loved so much."

    The area around Amara has seen some of the British army's most fierce fighting with insurgents in the last two years.

    Earlier this month, Anthony Wakefield became the 87th UK soldier to die during the conflict after a roadside bomb blast in the same area.

    Senior defence analyst at Jane's Information Group Charles Heyman said the attack had taken place in a "very volatile region".

    Web threats

    "There is a sizeable British contingent in that region and relations with the people of Amara are difficult," he said.

    "Unfortunately, we have not heard the last from Amara." There are currently about 8,000 British soldiers in the south of Iraq.

    However, the BBC's Alistair Leithead in Baghdad said it was "quite unusual" for British troops to be targeted.

    This was because they controlled the more stable Shia-dominated areas in the south of the country where the new government is, largely, supported.

    Amara has seen fierce fighting over the last two years

    But messages have recently been posted on a website from a terror group linked to al-Qaeda, threatening more attacks on British soldiers.

    Liberal Democrat defence spokesman Michael Moore said: "Our first thoughts are with the families of those who have been killed and injured.

    "We all continue to admire how British servicemen and women carry out their duties with professionalism and courage in such difficult conditions," he said.

    The latest attack came as Iraqi security officials launched a high-profile crackdown targeting terrorists in Baghdad.

    Operation Lightning was launched as a direct challenge to the bloody wave of attacks that have killed more than 700 people since Iraq's new government was announced on April 28.
  2. Rest in peace mate . I would put money on the fact that the Iraqi officials that they were going to RV with tipped off the bombers . Cowards
  3. My Condolonces to the family and friends of Lcpl Brackenbury. RIP.

  4. Maybe it is time to start using more helis and being less predictable


  5. I just wish that those who made the decision for us to be there, rather than Zimbabwe or other deserving place, will at night see those faces and the faces of their loved ones.

    We will not forget!
  6. Good luck in Valhalla mate, rest peacefully.
  7. Don't really know what to say to yet another tragic loss...

    sleep safely :cry:
  8. Remembered.

  9. RIP mate. Speedy and full recoveries for those wounded.
  10. R.I.P. MATE.
    Another one of the brave to have fallen in the cess pit of the world...... :( :( :( :( :(
  11. Does the gov publish, all other deaths of Brit forces in Iraq ?
    RIP old soldier.
  12. Rest peacefully
  13. Safe journey brave soldier, see you when we get there
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    LCpl Brackenbury, RIP.
    My thoughts are with your family, friends and colleagues.

    Go well mate.