detailed drawings of SA80

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by superglove, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I need detailed drawings of the SA80 showing all working parts. PM me with details,


  2. Why do you need them?
  3. Who is this tit?

    Worst investigative journo in history?

    Or just a walt?

    Bore off knobber!
  4. its for a project Im working on.
  5. I Know this will make me look like a fanny but what does WAH stand for. I get the jist of its meaning.

    i felt safer asking on this thread cos I cant appear a bigger Fanny than superglove, can I?

  6. How to win friends and influence people
  7. Here ya go

  8. Or the russians are realy scrimping on training for their spies...

    Want to know what wah is go look at arrsepedia....
  9. So your project involves getting onto a restricted military website, the details of the service rifle and AP mines. What's next, how to fit a nail bomb into a rucksack?

    You collecting info for Mike Golden by any chance? or is your project for 'Home grown terrorism 101'.

    MODs, can this idiot get excluded forthwith please.
  10. edited for being too slow.
  11. Reported to anti terrorist bods for planning terrorist activities. They have your IP address, expect a knock at your door very soon.
  12. I think he's actually RMP, and he has been told he's not arrested enough soldiers recently. He thinks that by asking for this info he will be able to do someone for breaching the Official Secrets Act. He's probably never heard of entrapment.

  13. And it isnt even Friday afternoon. :D
  14. Go to the armskote and sign one out.

    Then, using a camera take pictures down the barrel. To see the working parts in action, load the rifle and keep taking pictures and looking down the barrel as you pull the trigger.