Det Commanders cracking up ?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by semper, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. I have seen two cases of Detachment Commanders cracking up and leaving under the pressure of running a Det, I have temporarly ran a unit for 10 months in exceptional circumstances as the previous DC has left without any notice, so i can see the other side of the fence and the pressures of running a unit, I do someitmes find it isolating, I have since handed the unit back in a much better shape than when i toook it over, as a new DC has been appointed, I have now been reposted to another unit albiet as a 2IC with a completely new DC, the last appparently left without any notice at all even the cadets was stunned, I'm begining to think this is not so idolated an incident, It mustbe happening up and down the country.
    could this be due to lack of support from HQ, Training, personality ?

    I would be interested to know and what solution has been taken to remedy the situation, any result would be of benefit to my county as much as for any potential and current DCs on this site.
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Running a detatchment succesfully is inversely proportional to the job that you do and your family commitments.

    I ran a unit for two years and the first year was very successful.....then I changed jobs.

    Once I was knee deep in a more demanding job that didn't allow me the time to do ACF work on the firm's time the detachment went downhill. Within 6 months it was down to 3 regular cadets.

    As the cadet forces load more paperwork onto staff it is reaching the stage where there is a requirment for a regular officer and NCO cadre below County level like the TA.

  3. There is indeed a lot of paperwork pressure and running a Detachment can be heavy going in terms of demands on time. Seems to be getting worse too. Pressure of work coupled with a busy Det and limited staff spells hassle.
  4. I get 1 weekend off in 3 and have to work overnight a lot. I ran a detachment for 2 years, but couldn't cope with the strain of that, my job and impending wedding. I was never so relieved as when they put an officer in the deetachment and made me 2ic. A lot of people don't realise just how much work is required of a detachment commander, and all voluntary at that. I have a lot of respect for the people who do the job well. I just wish that the people who can't do it, like myself, would admit it and request other duties, rather than just leave. I have been told I am good as an instructor and detachment 2ic. I am happy to do this and would not thamk anyone for the detachment commander's position again.
  5. That comment has been made by one other DC, he also feels that it should now become a full time job, I feel that if we go down this road, we will lose the camaradere that comes with volunteering ad creating an "Us and Them" set of mind, we already have that that with the permanent staff.
  6. Can the ACF budget stretch to that or is it nana land thinking?
  7. Nana land thinking, I'm afraid.

    Although the job of DC could easily occupy a full time employee, ther simply isn't the money on the pot to achieve it.

    Also, as Semper says, there is already a 'them and us' mentality between the volunteers and the permanent staff. I would hate to be a part of this as a full time DC. I guess we just struggle on as best we can.
  8. I wouldn't go as far as to call it a full-time job, part time maybe, but no way is it a full time job.

    If it was to become a full time job i'd expect for there to be huge amounts of visits and DofE stuff planned throughout the year.
  9. so what would you consider to be the best solution to the dilemma ?
  10. What about if thee could be 2 (dcs)ics, sounds crazy i know but one could run it on a monday and the other on a thursday that way it splits the paperwork up, if not that Ics could be in chare of 2 and 3 stars and 2ICS in charge of recruit and 1 star, would this be good or is it just a mong idea?

    constructive criticism accepted!!!:p
  11. 5.56mm i would prefer that you didn't comment on something you don't know about, as you have never ran a unit or is an Instructor, this is a discussion between adult instructors.

    2 DCs will not work as its a case of too many chief and not enough Indians.
    on with the thread (Adults only)
  12. Apart from which many detachments have issues gaining enough staff as is. I suspect an ideal aid would be the recruitment of an able CA for each det to handle the routine stuff but once again it becomes an issue of finding, training and keeping said staff.
  13. He's right 5.56, the mounds and mounds of paperwork involved with certain activities mean that two DC's would merely tread on each other's toes. Remember, not all detachments parade twice a week, but the paperwork is still numerous. Unlocking the detachment and teaching is only about 25% of the job.

    My suggestion......transfer all paperwork in a Company to a single Full-Time Company Staff Officer. Theres no need for full-time DC's. but simply submitting a training request and then having the paperwork done for you would be a better way. It'll never happen though :D
  14. When I ran a detachment, i had to take some time off for personal reasons. Needless to say the unit went arrse up whilst I was away.
    There is simply not enough time to keep all the paperwork up to date if you have a full time job, and generally a life.
    A lightening of paperwork would be a start. But then who would do that?
    I dont feel there is that much paperwork to keep an instructor employed full time for every unit.

    Perhaps a solution would be for each company within the county to employ someone in a secretarial type role for some of the admin for the units within that particular company.
    Even if it was for one week a month.

    The unit commanders could submit such things as the nominal role books etc to that person for it to be completed and signed off.
    I dont think the unit commanders should be free from all paperwork, but they should still be able to have a personal life and not be trying to complete forms during there own time or work time.

    My tuppence worth anyway
  15. Right then chaps as a DC im very aware of this problem and yes the paperwork is a nightmare, i must admit my admin would suffer as i believe training comes first i have 3 other instructors whom i delegated elements of the massive paperwork monster, but i will say chaps, i have had a bit of luck in speaking with a parent of one of the cadets i managed to persuade her to come in 1 night a week as a civilian assistant where she does 70% of the paperwork all i have to do is cross the Ts and dot the Is has made life so much easier its untrue! with a detachment of around 50 cadets it now a pleasure to drive throught the gates not a paperwork nightmare!