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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cutsy, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Some sticky fingered little shite stole an A4 nirex off me recently containing lots of really useful inserts from my TA Inf Det Cdrs Course - stuff such as Power Management, Orders inserts, EMCON and all the other stuff you get on the course. Does anyone have a civvy number for the RSDC Wing, Support Weapons School, Warminster so I can try and obtain replacements?

    Help much appreciated chaps

  2. msr

    msr LE

    This time, get them electronically - that way you have a back-up and be easily pass them on.


    P.S. What is power management doing on an Inf detties?
  3. Cutsy, check your PMs.
  4. So wE kno wHen to pUT petRull iN thE GennieYs. And of course, how long we've got on Grand Theft Auto before we have to turn the engine over again.

    Sorry I had to drag my knuckles to the keyboard. :D
  5. Inf Sigs don't seperate into sub trades, hence I was taught genies, line and radio. Although the course is far more in depth than the equivalent in the RSigs, it doesn't count as a Sigs Detties although Brecon does!!!!!!
  6. Well it's funny you should say that - RSDC does qualify you for promotion to CPL with the said appointment too. Was considering going to RSigs last year and they were happy for me to keep my rank which says a great deal about the course I think.
  7. RS Corporals Course (aka detties) is a leadership course, not a trade course so your trade skills are irrelevant. Don't forget there are many more RS trades/skillsets than you would come across in inf sigs.
  8. Agreed but of the courses I've done, the one that followed on (or increased my skill set) after Inf RSDC was the Yeoman of Signals. That is very, very wrong. I'd even go as far as saying my TA RSigs career is totally dependant on what I learned @ Warminster.
  9. I know the Royal Signals have a wide variety of different trades but RS Radio Operators have a more or less identical role to their infantry counterparts in a Bn/BG HQ. In the Inf, signals courses go up in this order; RRU which is done at unit level and must be done to attend the next course - RSJ qualifies you for your crossed flags. Next comes RSDC which qualifies you to command any det at Bn/BG level. Next comes CV Sgts course which qualifies you up to RSWO, and finally RSO. The last two appear to have been merged on to the same course. For both my RSJ and RSDC courses I had two of the best fortnights ever in the TA and I recommend it to anyone who's maybe getting a bit disillusioned with life in a section and after a change.
  10. *Stumbles through thread, trips on earthing spike and brands an exhaust pipe patterned burn across head*
  11. Excellent statement Cutsy , these are the 2 best courses I've ever attended, for sheer knowledge cramming and lack of sleep. The RSDC final exercise I think should be extended , with some of the class modules being taken at unit level prior to getting down to Warminster. The Regular staff regard it as Junior Brecon for Signallers , but with more knowledge to pack in.

    It is an intense, physically and mentally demanding course, and anyone who think's it's just a swan for a fortnight is going to be standing on Warminster station before they know what's hit them. If you are a bayonet who is getting tired of training to repel Ivan, then start looking at getting into the Det, it's hard work but the rewards are immediate.

    Now I've just got to get back to my PMC's , as I need to run a Playstation III , Kettle and the Porn off the Landrover set. :D
  12. I've worked every sigs slot from Pln Sig to Bde HQ. I did the old courses and with the Mortar Section comd they are the best courses I ever done.
  13. Would anyone be able to PM the orders inserts for me as well, my old I am trying to update the ones I got from Blandford years ago.
  14. Have been provided with the number for the military exchange but when you get through they dont have numbers except for the RSJ Wing. I'll keep trying them to see if I get a reply, eventually.