Det commanders course. Info required.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by devilish, May 10, 2005.

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  1. Going on my Det commanders course down at Blandford(sp) soon and was hoping you good people could give me some pointers on what I might expect.

    A time line of events would be helpful, day 1, day2, etc,etc...

    No urine taking please, I know it's going to be a bit of hard graft so serious replies would be good.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Det Commanders Course eh. I done Royal Signals Cpls Cse 001 in 95, so i expect you'll be going on your CLM :wink:

    Anyways, heres the web link to the CLM home page on the Army website

    CLM Home Page

    Cant give you any specific detail on course content, having not done it, but i'm sure someone on here has done the course and can help you out.

  3. Ahhh, good detties, I remember that, tis was 1988 in rainy Berglan. What a joy. Would do it all over again if I had the chance "NOT". Cannot pass comment on the new CLM as I have not done it, but what I would say:

    1. Know your mil skills, esp Map reading and NBC.
    2. Be fit (you will get ragged)
    3. Be sure your weapon handling is sharp.
    4. Make sure your uniform is in good nick, proper unit and corp badges, name tags etc.
    5. Beg, borrow or steal ammo boots, or at least have some DMS very highly polished.
    6. Go with the right attitude.
    7. On the field phase do not be scared to be a twat when it is your turn to be section commander. Weak will not do.
    8. Be seen to work as a member of the section, its all about teamwork on the physical stuff and field phase.
    9. Get good kit for the field, ie cooker, orders book, compact snug sack the list could go on.
    10. Do not go with non issue items ie chest webbing, standard webbing etc will sufice.
    11. Do not argue with the DS, bite your tongue.
    12. Good luck
  4. Did mine way back in the middel 80's in sunny Catterick.

    Ducati916 gives some VERY good advice - especially the points on attitude, fitness, being positive (not weak) and biting your tongue. Especially the last bit !

    All I could think of was a second tape and must have bitten my tongue clean through !!

    The staff were ******* (never seen a working unit half of them) and took great delight in pissing you off and trying to get rid of people.

    I can still remember the final CFT and coming back up the last leg to camp centre in Catterick - I've never been so knackered !!!

    Weapon skills and fieldcraft then were vital - would like to think it's still the same.

    Best of Luck
  5. In the same vein , I have my TA dettys course sometime this year , I realise it'll be shorter and possibly slacker , anyone got any ideas ?
  6. Thanks for the replies. Skills and drills are well up to scratch, biting my tongue on the other hand.... I'll try. Ex- reg you see, I'm sure I'll manage.

    P.S. Why would Polar ask me to say "HI" to polar69? Something I should know about? :wink:
  7. Very good, if he roars up my chuff he wont be the first so he's in for a shock.( who knows what he'll find).
  8. At this point I woild like to venture that polar and myself are aquainted . He knows I'm off on a dettys course and must have put two and two together

    Off soon devilsih ? Let me know what its like
  9. Yeah good call. Forget your trade and go with the flow. Making a stand / being a barrack-room lawyer might feel good but skip it until the course ends.
  10. Bird or REME?
  11. Good call, thanks.
  12. Listen fcukwit, if I was REME do you think I'd post this in a sig forum? Next if I was a bird, do you think I'd be answering your pathetic reply to a genuine request for info?

    Take a few seconds to re-evaluate your position in the big picture and realize your about 1 move away from being a fcuk-up!

    Rant over, any more serious and constructive info?
  13. Did the course last year. All the DS were very good humured. The cours isn't run by 11SR anymore but by Military Leadership Group. They treat you like adults (as long as you act like them). And are all without exception appoachable. After my course I asked them to send me a lesson so I could cope it. They emailed it to me no dramas.As far as I can remember the (TA) course comprises of:
    Three sessions of PT.(1 easy run, 1 session circuits in gym, 1 march and shoot after excersise phase)
    Drill Lesson + exam
    Orders lesson + test, done by holding O grp ( follow tams get it right you wont be dicked on excersise)
    WHT Skilled pass needed
    Map reading revision session (if you don't know it your a cnut + if you get lost on Area 5 SPTA -you are a cnut)
    Method of Instruction mixed with BITS mixed with DITS(KISS)
    Internal Security(piece of piss)
    Excersise phase- length depends on nos on course as everyone as to be section commander for something. 46 on my course we deployed on Sunday re-deployed on wed returned on Thurs
    End of course piss up
    Fcuk off home- job done!!!any more info needed pm me and I'll do my best to give you the gen
  14. Had a look at the RSTO for the course yesterday and wasn't that impressed. Many of the TO's are covered each year for bounty qual (WHT, Zeroing and CFT), so why repeat them.
    The instruction part of it would have already been covered by BITS/DITS so why reteach them
    Mil law is important but as TA, I've never had to use it. Maybe a lesson on AGAI 67 would be more useful.
    The RSTO's seems to be equivalent of a Class 1 Infantryman with element of a Pte-LCpl course.
  15. :D :wink:

    Thanks Forniup that was what I was looking for.