Det commanders course. Info required.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by devilish, May 10, 2005.

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  1. Going on my Det commanders course down at Blandford(sp) soon and was hoping you good people could give me some pointers on what I might expect.

    A time line of events would be helpful, day 1, day2, etc,etc...

    No piss taking please, I know it's going to be a bit of hard graft so serious replies would be good.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Maybe be a little ackward to do that, have seen numerous SSgts (both reg and TA - I know its not the same course but they are related) while I was on other courses at Blandford.
    They change after every course, see one and they're doing loads of phys next isn't.
    Might be an idea to post this on the Sigs forum, the regular courses aren't that different to TA ones these days

    p.s. Humphs is closed you've only got the bowling alley to drink in

    p.p.s Say hi to Polar69 for me.
  3. I couldn't say what the current course is like as things seem to change fairly regularly (which is good - as the Staff do listen to feedback). Why don't you phone them up? 6 P's and all that.

    However, some basics never change - turn up in a collar and tie looking the part - first impressions count. Make sure you are as fit as you can be - We had a fairly heavy phys aspect on mine - and it really helped me to be in shape. The fat knackers really struggled.

    Make sure your skills and drills are up to scratch - especially weapon handling, map reading and NBC. And make sure ALL your kit is serviceable and up to scale. They will rightly challenge you if you turn up diffy or with broken kit - you should have had sufficient warning to prepare.

    Time management - its a long day and you are totally immersed in it - so crack on with the pers admin in the evening as soon as you can. That means not going on the urine every night 8O - but gives you time in the bank :D - some of your peers will struggle as they will be on the urine everynight and will therefore let theirselves down on their overall marks.

    Go with an open mind, prepared to learn and you should have a good time.

    Good Luck!
  4. Thanks for the reply.Skills and drills on weapons, maps and NBC are all in order.

    Does my kit have to match SOP 15 or is it an individuals choice? I know there will be the requirement to have the full kit list, but can you bring your own kit, cooker, GPS, warm kit etc,etc...?
  5. Yes - bring your own stuff for the field phase. I guess you have an inf bergan and have "tuned" your webbing.
    They rightly get upset when people turn up with the arrse hanging out of their CS95, holes in berets, or no respirator (as happened on my DC course)
  6. Also be prepared to delearn, some of the lessons will come straight from the pam (or range saftey pam). Was taught some really weird inf tactics/drills, all the exTA Inf questioned them, they wouldn't listen as we were TA etc etc.

    As for kit I recall that its upto you.
  7. Thanks for the info guys, greatfully recieved.
  8. According the the RSTO you should have completed Weapon Handling, Map reading and CFT before you attend the course

    Have a look on ArmyNet you'll find the TA Cpls course RSTO in the sigs community.
  9. Cant find it meself
  10. try SOinC section
  11. Fozzy is right Time management is key square yourself away as quick as you can and get on the lash. However the course aint that hard (if you are well preped and know your stuff) Get pissed, get up then crack on and do it all again. Otherwise you'll be one of those blokes ironing or packing and repacking kit till two in the morning worrying about every little thing. Remember this is supposed to be FUN!!