destruction and creation - voluntary actions or not?

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by bullet_catcher, Jun 2, 2013.

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  1. The more complicated weapons become, the less you can depend on them.

    Destruction is something the military does, normally rather well, but the opposite is creation and it occurred to me that that is an involuntary action. I searched the Google god for guidance, but found nothing. I can sum up this idea in two statements.

    Destruction can be a voluntary or an involuntary action.
    Creation is an involuntary action.

    I am only referring to physical things, not thoughts.

    As an example, let's say that I want to destroy a tin tray. I can take a big stone from the garden and bash it out of shape, no problem there. Or my ceiling may collapse for some reason I cannot control, and the tray gets squashed.

    However, if I want to make a tin tray with a machine, there is no guarantee that the machine will work. Part of the machine may fail, or there may be no power for it. Of course, I may be able to make the tray later, but that will not be when I wanted to do it.

    There is a complication when destruction depends on creation, for example demolishing a bridge with explosives. This involves using eg matches or an electric firer to set off the fuse. Creation of the fire or electricity is not guaranteed.

    I have not considered devine influence, as it does not seem to apply when you have a wet box of matches. I do wonder if a positive attitude would have any influence, though.

    My next step on this path would be to find a dodgy electric firer, and get a lot of people in different moods to try to use it, looking at happy or sad images first. If the happy images produced a better result than the sad ones, then I could tape a suitable image on to the firer to see if that raised the average success rate.

    OK, time to put the pipe down and get on with real life.
  2. You will find entropy is a natural phenomenon similarly evolution. The two are natural and of the two progression is dominant (seemingly). This may be reversed in time.

    Jehovah's witnesses take note. PMA has always been effective. Doh!

  3. If you do all that you still haven't destroyed the tray, it's still there.