Destroyed Laptop help!!

Ok so my laptop was killed in a fire. Nothing too bad but unfortunately my hard drive (that I back everything up on!!) was in the same room. Also toast.

Now I've lost a fair bit of data but luckily most of my important Docs are backed up as google docs. The main pain is my iTunes. Do apple keep a record of what you've purchased from them? And is there a way of re-downloading them?

I've tried searching online but I can't seem to find the answer....

Thanks in advance!

When you sign into iTunes I think there is a list of downloads purchased with the price. If not can't you re-sync your device to the laptop?
I don't yet have a 'device'... I don't live in the future like some of you! I'll check for that 'already downloaded' bit though.

download idump. iDump - Download

plug in your ipod/phone. check all the boxes and copy everything that is on your device.
install itunes on your new laptop and drag and drop.

its very good at ripping your mates music/films/porn :)

EDIT: you dont have a device so cancel my last.:shock:
Also, has any one on here had an contact with dell? I got the laptop off these ******* and they're killing me! I was told that I would be able to keep my old hard drive so that I could recover my data from it. However they came around when I was out and took my old lap top when they delivered the replacement. (My house mate let them in and didn't know what the plan was.)

It's been 12 days now and I still cant get hold of anyone not called Deepa!

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