Destroy the model.......Or not?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by the_mentalist, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. After listening to four very experienced SI's de-briefing Pl Comds orders, I detected some interesting 'Instructor Fads'.

    All four of them had a different SOP when it came to 'Actions on attack'.

    One said leave the model as it is, do not remove any cards or destroy it in any way. Another said leave the model untouched just pick up the cards. Another said destroy the model by everyone running across it on their way to their stand too positions. The final one said Pl Sgt destroys the model.

    I know we can't argue tactics, but 4 different DS on the same course with four different DS solutions, surely they could put their heads together and come up with a default answer, if only for the sake of the students. Your views/comments?
  2. I would move some of the cards in order to create a deception, BPT die.
  3. Jelly Babies - green for friendly, red for the enemy, black for civvies and yellow for the Navy. At the start of the Orders outline actions on the event of the attack i.e. who gets to eat which colour.

    So now you have five fads. Mind you, I'm not an instructor.
  4. Whichever DS is present is the correct DS. :D

    Oh, and forget that "In the event of an attack look in and await my snap orders" bit.

    This is fine assuming you are bulletproof but in reality there is no reason why the guy in charge cannot be the first bloke slotted. A suggestion would be "return to your Section positions and return fire under your Section Commanders"

  5. In reality it should never be an issue. Everybody knows that it's poor form to attack during an O Group. Only a complete cad would exibit such bad manners. In fact, I think there's something in the Geneva Convention about it.
  6. Reminds me of the great SOPs taught by Slick Rick, Scots Guards.

    The orders he gave included his advice if you where in a vehicle that came under air attack - "indicate left, turn right. "

    Took me a couple of days to twig that one... :oops:
  7. well at Brecon there still teaching destroy as of last month!
  8. These are Platoon Commanders orders, the guys on the receiving end of theses orders are the Section Commanders! :oops:
  9. I'm sure that you will be able to adapt my suggestion.


  10. In that case it's "Head back to your sections and see what the Toms have to say about all this commotion."

    T C
  11. What's so hard about ripping up the fag packet?
  12. I agree, if the DS are all instructing on the same course, they should come up with SOP's that they can all agree with. Do they think the students in other sections don't get together at NAAFI break and talk to eachother?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Are these Cadet instructors then?

  14. Pl Sgt destroys the model

    Failing that, cocaine.

  15. Pln Sgt removes all indications of friendly forces and places card with "ANTHRAX" written on it in exactly where the model would be. He then sets up a concealed video camera so that the expressions on the faces of the enemy can be viewed at a later date.