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Destination Dunkirk: The Story of Gort's Army

Destination Dunkirk: The Story of Gort's Army


Book Reviewer
ancienturion submitted a new resource:

Destination Dunkirk: The Story of Gort's Army - The story of the British Expedionary Force led by General Gort including the Dunkirk evacuation

The author had personal experience of Dunkirk having been commissioned into the Regular Army as an officer in the Buffs in the summer of 1939 and was one of those evacuated from Dunkirk on May 31st 1940, after which he served throughout the war in different theatres. Following his marriage in 1954 he was sent to Kenya where his battalion was serving. Unfortunately in his first week there he contracted polio and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Although initially writing...

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