Dessy boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bdfl1975, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Just a question about dessy boots. I Have been isuued Magnum Amazon Basically are they any good? I have read about the black boots and i would not waist my time with them but the dessy boots are they OK or do they fall apart easily? Been told we are getting issued Mendel's as well as i have never worn them eather what are they like? I wear Lowas when I'm on exercise and i think they are a top boot but are the dessy's as good as i have been told that they fall apart easy.
    Any advice will be appreachiated
  2. Meindl good.

    Hi-tec shite.
  3. KSB Outbacks get my vote. I could not wear the Meindls that I was issued with (too narrow).
  4. Altberg marks!
  5. Thats the problem i have as well as i have wide feet as well.
  6. What type of fit are these as i have wide feet.
  7. I have wide feet, cost £3 to have them stretched slightly (bearing in mind that your feet will swell in Iraq/Afghan, get a size larger to include this factor)
  8. Now that poses my next problem as im a 12L /13m. So im looking at a 13L or 14m.
  9. Try them first, you can often 'swag' it to get the right size..ish
  10. Cool, now i no what i need and am looking for

  11. Lowa deserts, Seeker is the brand name I think. The dogs fcuking b0llocks, one and a half tours of afghan (as an infanteer, so it's not like the only walking I did was to Pizza Hut and back), wore them every day, and they're still going strong. Never worn a better pair of boots- comfortable, lightweight and yet durable and give you the proper ankle support.

    Couldn't recommend them high enough!

    Oh and don't waste your time with the Meindls, they're shite.
  12. In some sort of sequence, I've ended up with all three - Magnums, Lowas and Meindls.

    As has been said, the Magnums are crap. I haven't thrown them out, yet. They're okay for slobbing around in the summer (in the UK, I have to add!).

    I, personally, prefer the Lowas to the Meindls so have carried on wearing them, even with the rest of the unit now in the Meindls. I think it is very much to do with the similarity between the last and your foot shape. But I am lucky enough not to need to worry about some tw@t without enough real work to do getting wound up about "uniformity".

    Although I did get a bollocking from some APTC WO in Basra last year for sniggering at the "correct uniform" poster in the dining hall. It seems that the lack of danger has allowed the petty tyrant tendency to reappear. Afghan, hopefully, common sense still prevails. YUMV.
  13. Lowa desert boots are now on issue, so go see your storeman. If you get n with Lowas I'd stick with them.
  14. The best boots i had were a pair of the old style boots, with the canvas sides. They were lost to the field hospital who cut them off.

    Meindls are good for patrolling and running around the green zone playing silly buggers.
  15. Converse make some cracking dessy boots I too have wide feet, and as Its an american company they cater for a bigger range of sizes and widths. Converse