Dessie Wellies

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Topper_Logan, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. OK just received my complement of gear for the stan, now although you get; the gucci sandles,camel back, neck cooler, gucci wrap around shades, light weight maggie thatcher, mug, patrol daysack, patrol vest, Operational cleaning kit, ECBA and other bits of useful kit (apart from those gay shorts, which I will not be wearing!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: ) why have they not replaced the dessie welly for something more robust and easier on the shanks ponies? Anybody got any advice on a decent set of dbs and where I can source from, seeing as Im gonna be in em 16-18 hrs a day. :?
  2. altbergs i find to be great. Made to measure and are very comfy, you need canvas boots, if you just take black boots your feet will die!!!
    good luck mate
  3. My Meindle 'Desert Fox' lasted a full TELIC without any problems. Nice cool and comfy boots. The soles are now half deed on 'em so you might want to look at something a bit more hard wearing (which usually means 'harder' and so more stress on the old joints....) if you are going to be patrolling a lot - I was vehicle based.
  4. You could do a lot worse than the US Army desert boot.

    I have a pair of Altbergs but I found them too hot although they are a great boot. It is possible that the design may have changed since I got mine over 8 years ago.

    Good luck with the tour.
  5. Topper
    i have the 'pleaseure!' of writing to you from Shaibiza - We had all our foot sizes taken a couple of weeks ago because we are 'supposedly' issued new boots following the piles of complaints from bill oddies and doctors about problems caused by the boots we go issued. The duty rumour is that we're getting the Meindle boots mentioned it might be worth keeping your hard earned in your pocket for now and see what happens....alternatively the could just be feeding us a load of crap again!!! time will tell
  6. Mmmmm, Meindles on issue eh?...

    They are popular with the PRI shops so the head-shed see 'em moving stock and think 'Mmmmm, the boys seem to like them....' so it might well be right.
  7. -
    Ah Sahibiza was mentioned on my recent OPTAG trg package I wonder where this mysterious place was, the name was aired a few times.I take it SLB must have changed since TELIC 1? Onto boots, Meindle boots that would be excellent about time the MOD invested in some decent boots as most injuries stem from knees, ankles etc. I shall await with baited breath. :?
  8. You can't go wrong with a pair of Karrimor KSB Outback (the unlined ones). I've been using them for the last 4 months with no problems. You may not like them as they are ankle height, not normal combat boot height. They are light, with a robust sole, and at £40-50 a steal! However I strongly recommend trying them on as they are a larger fit than normal - I had to go down a size from normal.