Dessert Boots

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. As we have now changed to mtp does anyone know of any dessert boots that look ally while I eat my trifle?

    I thought of these....

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  2. Dessert boots? Well, I'll eat my hat.
  3. The best sort of dessert boots have crepe soles.
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  4. And chocolate sprinkle!
  5. And sparklers.

    Oh, and a cherry on top.
  6. Will they be made from 'shoe' pastry? ;-)
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  7. Jellies anyone?

  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    and laced with brandy?
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  9. Liquorice laces?
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  10. How about this little scamp? He's even got a tie to keep the crumbs off his shirt!

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  11. Should that be in the AIotY thread?
  12. Dosn't having a yellow hankey sticking out of your back pocket mean your into "water-sports" to gay people?
  13. They're doing that Black Lace song......

    macho man!
    sound ur horn
    ring the bell
    comb ur hair
    wave wave ur hands
  14. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    real desert boots...

  15. I'm sure Spotted Dick would go down well with a close friend.