Despite horrible allegations I still respect HM armed forces

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by KGB_resident, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. I don't wish to discuss the allegation made by The People and Daily Mail. According to the rules, we must not discuss it.

    However, maybe the final dicision made in Baha Mousa case was wrong? Maybe it was a message to potential (and real) thugs?
  2. then why bother to post unless to highlight and draw attention to the incident? apart from playing a petty nationalistic point scoring game of course.
  3. been wondering if KGB sole duty/mission in life is to piss everyone off..?

    I think i now have my answer.
  4. No thats Sven!
  5. OK. British army is the best in the World.

    Let's stop on this point.
  6. So basically it's a post about...........

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  7. On a different matter...

    What evidence was left then? Was it non burning tissue paper that was set alight and if so how?
  8. Funny picture. I like it. I recalled Soviet times when we used to unzip our mouths in the kitchen - traditional Russian place for free discussions.

    I wholeheartedly agree the ban to discuss individual incidents that are under investigation. Though agree or disagree... it doesn't matter. I try to obey the rules anyway.

    I would like to incourage (or provoke if you like) a broad discussion about methods and means to exclude anything that damage positive image of armed forces (and not only British ones).

    There is a lot of similar problems in many armies (including Russian one). So I'm interesting in your suggestions and propositions (of course without any direct reference to the case).
  9. Dear KGB Resident,

    I would like to know what methods and means the Russian government is using to exclude the following allegations which have damaged the positive image of the Russian armed forces:

    Report from Human Rights Watch on initiation rites in the Russian military

    Yours sincerely,

  10. oldbaldy

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  11. Damn, how could i forget that man.. sorry KGB you will have to work harder for that title... you have got stiff competition...something u might not be familier with in Russia.
  12. Dear Yellow_Devil, this sad case is well known. There was a big fuss around it. The abuser got 4 years in the jail.

    As I'm aware step by step punishments for crimes committed by servicment are becoming more and more severe. In 2007 two soldiers were jailed for 4 and 7 year. They were beating their subordinates, one of the abused committed suicide (though it was not proved that it happened as a result of the beatings).

  13. i never said that, or had that as any intention of my post. so just what on earth makes you think i did?
    Sergy, try and remember that other users on here are not posting for the same reasons you are.

    we all work to our own ulterior motives.
  14. However, I hope you agree with the statement.

    It is merely a supposition. You can express your opinion on the matter and I would accept it unconditionally.

    As for Russian army then it is to far from being called the best (even one of the best) in the World.

    Of course. I understand (and understood) it pretty well. However, human nature is the same in different corners of our World.

    Sometimes reading posts here I have a strange feeling that I understand myself, my perception of the World better. It is like a mirror. It helps to see own image.

    For example, previously (few years ago) I sincerely thought that crimes and problems in Russian army have deep roots in traditions, in history. But now I'm absolutely sure that mainly Russian politicians (to begin with Putin) were to be blamed. But the situation is improving (though very slowly).

    Have the politicians a political will to make their armies the best in the World? In Russia I feel it. In the UK... not sure.
  15. I continue previous post

    Let's regard this example,7340,L-3245593,00.html

    Who should be blamed for it? Of course the commander of the base and his subordinates. It looks that our Israeli friends regard the incident very seriously and there is a political will to exclude something like this in the future.
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