Discussion in 'REME' started by lacrabat, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. With a mentalist approach on ECI's and now inflicting competencies on the rest of the Army, are we to become the new AGC or even RMP ?
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    No - you can't sink that low. Generally I even quite like you. Be Happy!
  3. REME are the same as AGC and RMP toatally disliked,
  4. Why's that superdriver? Is it because we have an ounce of intelligence?
  5. Couldn't disagree with you more.

    I find the Reems are one of the most likely to help out and have less knobbers than most. In fact the knobbers seem mainly to be the LE officers who have been promoted too quick as tiffies and haven't got a clue when it comes to people skills.
  6. Mentalist approach to ECI? Surely you jest! One example of a user obvious fault making an equipment non-taskworthy earns a Red grading for a unit, that's saner than a sane bloke eating sanity soup.

  7. No one likes us & we don't care!!
  8. ECI's, whats the problem? To quote a BEME in Tidders "Inspect 10% of equipments the book says, we are not here to witch hunt". 2 days later we inspected 20% of equipments as we had not found enough wrong with that units equipment care.

    Where else can certain ex tiffies get there personal views and quirks about their idea on EC bandied about. How better to make a name for yourself than to dig and make a mountain out of a molehill due to a minor error in one set of 1004's.

    Fortunatly the new civvy ECI teams seem to have no particular angle or axe to grind. Non the less if your hiding something they find it.

    Personaly I love it when the ECI report comes back with statements such as " Many errors were found in several set of vehicle doc's"

    That would be two faults, incorrect milage in one set of docs and wrong date on emmisions test results attatched to two 932 reports.
  9. The unit view on "new civvy ECI teams" seems to vary in direct relation to what they find in a unit... wonder why?

    As for the rest of the corps, at least we still knock out good Barbecues..., and everybody loves a reccy mech when you're axle deep in landscape.
  10. Even the REME are starting to dispise the REME!

    Dont get me wrong... I love it.... we are the best at BBQs and pissups and everyone seems to know that! but, i havnt met a young lad / lass yet that wants to make a career out of it! They are all counting the days until they can have their termination papers..... im totally fed up with trying to motivate people that just dont want to be motivated!
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    We always loved you - however your ability with B_B_Qs and piss ups, organising not participating in - would be questioned. :roll:
  12. We are so good at enjoying pi55 ups we dont even have to organise them, they happen.
  13. Never had a problem with Reems. Always been top lads in my book. I think the originator needs a hug.
  14. In the old days of PRE they´d be the odd muttered remark under your breath, but on the whole a good bunch of lads and lasses. Never waited longer than 4 hours to be recovered and amazing what the currency of "yellow handbags" could achieve :lol:
  15. In my vast and apposite experience, one of the best guys in all of the batteries I served in was always the LAD staffy. Keen, bright and professional without exception, they were always a useful asset. I remember one guy, tasked to provide en for on FTX in Germany improvising pyro, making a "disguise" for his 432 and carying out a text-bok CTR!

    Hurrah for the REME. Now, Sappers on the other hand, don't get me started...:)