Desperately seeking.

looking for any RLC including chefs that served at 2AFA/1 CS med reg, hope my nick name lets you know who i am :) i was thinking of mad weekends in traz and munster and the visits to index night club and the stupid things we used to do in there, well, it did have a swimming pool in the night club rofl.

pm me if you know me ty :)

Looking for a chef that served at RAF Brawdy. inperticular a gogg called o'brien. incase my name doesnt give it away about who i am - then hows your sister?
General Melchett said:
For any users looking for old comrades, ex-girlfriends, the NAAFI slapper please post in here.

Remember OpSec and stuff.

Thank you.

Good idea, but not moving very fast yet, early days though!
anyone know of "joe day" used to be in 5 ord bn in late 80s early nineties he was a sub con i think i was a chef in 52 ord coy at the time, he was a good drinking buddy
Hello my logistics cousins!!

Looking for a very good fiuend who will recognise me buy the name cod eye!!!! Hes a Mansfiels stag and was with the 32 engr regt. Loved the russian wine and all those pis ups and late starts in bergen. Roll on Ronnie!! You know who u are!! No surrender. And hes scared of pigeons... u big tart. JH. Lots of love yur little cod eye ****. LOL. Long live smirnoff.
Possibly not the right place to be asking this but I was wondering if anyone here knew the civvie who took the videos of passing out parades and such like at Pirbright in the early 90's.
My copy of my passing out parade was half inched by a lass at my last unit because her hubby who I was in basc with got sent to Colly and she wanted to see him on video.
I'd love to be able to get hold of a copy of the vid to show my little boy when Daddy was younger and skinnier.
Or if anyone here was at Pirbright and passed out, I think it was May 21st 1993.

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