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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by supersonic, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. I know this will sound well dodgy, but a good friend of mine is trying to find someone. Not to present him with the kiddie he never knew he had or anything...

    The person in question was/ is an RAC Offr, but as she can only remember his first name, not much to go on. But he had an Offr mate whose full name she knows, and she thinks he might have been RGJ. He'd be about 31 yrs now, was def in 4 years ago...

    Anyone think they might be able to help, PM me and I'll give name.
  2. Paternity suite will be on it's way
  3. You really are having a laugh arnt you. Persec is an issue here apart from the fact that there may be a child support agency letter at the end of the line.

    Your probably not going to get what your looking for here, sorry.

  4. Far too random me thinks. You may need to have some info that is more specific.
  5. Me thinks "you(r)" "friend" needs to give up the search. Or employ Columbo
  6. It really isn't me! And it's really nothing nasty! She's tried every other avenue, and I said I'd give this a go. If they're destined to be, they'll find each other... (It's Christmas, I'm allowed to be romantic!)
  7. Sounds like a good advertising line for the CSA!
  8. I'm detecting an essence of bitterness... Obviously far too many of you have been sh*fted by the CSA! Us fems aren't all evil, money grabbing witches! Yeah, I know you're not gonna agree with that one!
  9. I know a officer in the RGJ. lol

    **** durch !

    Dear o'l supersonic, i think you on a lost cause here me dear ! bin it !!!