Desperately needed!!Resperator

Son's just told me his school is doing an evac day about ww2, with a sleepover. I can't find my old s6 or s10. He wants a 'gas mask' for the dressing up bit :frustrated:

Can anyone lend me for this week only?

PLEASE :meditate:
Where are you? might be able to find mine somewhere in the depths...but it might be at my parents in a box....but if you are close I'm sure I could find it. Might even have a canister for it.

I'm in Crawley, near Gatwick airport (Sussex)

If you can it would be most appreeciated :thumright:
Come on own up its for the bedroom really, isn't it? ;-)
Ok, you got me there, now where's my webbing :plotting:
Why not got a couple of magnifying glasses, rest them over your infants eyes, like eye pieces and melt a car tyre on his head.

Hey Presto, instant Resi!
I'll have a dig and see whether I cna find it...everything is in boxes atm as we moved recently and haven't unpacked.

What timescale we looking at here.

Neede first parade Thurs, so it might be a no-goer.
Would the sleep over look like this by anychance?

Okay parents have found it, if they post it tomorrow it would get to you by thursday but probably not early enough....sorry.

Local Walt shop?

S_R thanks very much for your help. Looks like a long day tomorrow and I'm on night shift at the mo' :thumbdown:

This thread was about clutching at straws :D
NP, sorry i'm not a bit closer....well I'm not really that would mean being near London....;)

Just hang around your local airsoft place and mug the first walt who comes along...they are bound to have one.

Hope any S6 you find isn't in the same state as mine. It fell out of a cupboard a few years back and I discovered that the rubber facepiece had perished. Not crumbling, but dissolving into a sticky mass.

It took ages to peel the black sticky stuff off my face.

Really can't think what possessed me to try it on for old times sake. :blush:
putteesinmyhands said:
Really can't think what possessed me to try it on for old times sake. :blush:
Maybe you have a thing for stale CS and fullers earth :lick:
Instead of failing him and letting him down why not use some initiative.

Rub aftershave, washing poweder, nettles, and vim in his face until bright red... On the mornign of his speech prime him to say 'My head is an example of what might happen if you don't mask in nine, when there is blister agent around.... then get him to lob mustard grenades at the teacher.
mdn :D pmsl but you seem to have a cunning plan :plotting:
Excellent, thanks for that :)
THanks for everyones' help. Got it sorted at the last moment, felt like I was doing a BFT in boots again :shakefist:

Am going to have to brief the school on the 5 P's :muhaha:

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