desperately looking for a 264 TIE

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sniper235, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. I unfortunately lost my 264 tie and would plead with someone to put me in the right direction for a replacement. beg buy or borrow (with deposit).

    I need the tie for an official function in London. and as such need one PDQ.

    CAN ANYONE Please help ?

    264 Sig Sqn (SAS) tie - I do have a regimental Tie.
  2. Phone someone whos AT 264.

    Do you not know anyone there?
  3. I'm sure the Sqn PRI will sell one to an ex-member of the sqn

    You are of course an ex-member of the sqn I take it ?
  4. Or a big walt perhaps :)

    (But if you arse SAS please don't beat me up) :)
  5. Yes ex member however discharged 15 years ago so dont know any serving nor do i have the number for the pri.

    will try to get the number though.

    higround thanx for your comments ?
  6. go and ask at burtons mate.... they have alot of ties
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  10. Now, now girls, put the handbags down and let go of eachothers hair.

    Sniper, if you are at that location, you should easily be able to get in touch with those who can supply said tie. The Corps' museum may also be able to help.

    Also if you are at that location, should you be realeasing said information above? If it is true.
  11. Picking a fight with SO2 soldiers on an unofficial Army site, thats just magic that is! Even if it is a blag :cyclopsani:
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  12. Why don't you ring the exchange and ask them to put you through or have you forgotten the exchange number ??
  13. He said he needed it quickly. I reckon six years on may be a bit late for advice.
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  14. I know it's old but, wasn't it 264 (SAS) Sigs Sqn?

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  15. FFS.

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