Desperate for information on deceased father

I am sorry to be asking this here, but I am now 52 and ill, I have been searching for 42 years for any information about my natural father now deceased.

I am unable to ask in the usual places as they have turned me away because after my mother dumped him I was then adopted by her and my step father ( another L.A.C at Odiham after leconfield and also Cyprus )and then placed in care by her, they therefore tell me that because of this my kinship link is gone and will not help me.

My Fathers name was Owen Aubrey Williams and he was an L.A.C, I last saw him in Cyprus in the 60's before the ***** dumped him. i do not know if I am allowed to put his service number here but I will in he hope it does not break any rules or such. It was 4189166.

I have no photos but one of him, and only 2 memories of him, he was a good man whatever my mother would tell me to the contrary. I know he served at R.A.F Akrotiri in the late 50's and early 60's until my mother left him, i think he was also at Tangmere as that name cropped up many many years past.

My mother refuses to speak of him and I have no other family to ask for this. I was informed of his passing by her as she made a point of gloating about it a number of years ago as did my younger brother who does not talk to me either.

If anyone knows him or has any information about him could they please let me know however good or bad. I would love to know when he joined or what sqdns he served in if anyone can find that out for me.

Thank you for any help and I hope I have broken no rules.

Garry Williams.
Best of luck Garry.I hope you find something.
Thank you, I must ammend my post about him serving at Akrotiri, I was about 9 (ish) when she left so that would put it about 1967-69 ( ish ). I have also emailed the salvation army as suggested so hopefully i may hear something sooner or later.

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