Desperate dogs need love too

And a French company has found the solution. Ladies, gentlemen (and labradors) I give you the World's first sex toy for dogs.

Admittedly it doesn't look much like a dog, and actually looks pretty bizarre, but it does have a removable washable hole.

I can see this being the biggest hit Christmas present for pets ever.

Now THAT'S what I call a dildo.......

oh no...hang on a mo!!
its a phillip starck designed blow up pooch .

i fear it will end up at the back of the cupboard with my juicer and super slicer but what the hell ---i have to have one
One thing I wondered about was size. Surely you'd want a different sized one for your great dane, than for your daschund.

Has anyone found any videos of it in action yet?
It costs £361.73!!!!!!!!!!

ETA there is a movie here:

Liked the bit about "Curves, fluidity & Stability" - wouldn't want it to fall over whilst you're pumping it up, would you Fido? :lol:
Yes, I know about that one, I meant a video of it in use so we can see if the dogs are really happy with it.
JoseyWales said:
bigbird67 said:
Now THAT'S what I call a dildo.......

oh no...hang on a mo!!

Walked out on the Border Collie dear?
Oh get with the times man...the border collie wasn't man enough! Rottweilers are the way ahead!!

There was a piece I knew a few years ago living off the back of the Hill at the Sugar Loaf. Me and Charlie decided to give her and her mother a visit one night.

We knocked on the door no answer, so Charlie started to sing to her ' XXX' you fcuking old whore, open up the fcuking door'. Bored with Des O'Connor records they let us in.

He told me to sort out the daughter cos he was going upstairs to take the bandages off the Mother. As he said, " An old one going out is as tight as a young one just starting".

Was you the girl on the Hill?

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