desperate brummie .....

Talk about a sad lonely fcukwit, that man is a potential child molester. Lock him up for the sake of the public :evil:
if this bird "kelly" has any sense she will stay well clear of this scorpio with extra lights on the back driving twat.

kelly gave it to him straight, he sounds like a dog tosser. it must be a wind up i guess if it aint, barry's off home for a wank and an early bed.

Moral of the story is, dont give you number out at service stations, you never know which sad cnut might be taking it down.
Dammit, I can't get any farther than "she was shoutin' it out really loud" before my browser crashes! :evil: I've got to hear what this woman says to Stalker Boy...
what a creepy fcuker 8O

archetypal adonis? wierdo who sounds like the type.. actually i don't even wanna think about the type he sounds like!
Beanz said:
what a creepy fcuker
No doubt. It's like the checker from your local market who's "accidentally" hanging around outside the door of your apartment building when you "happen" to walk outside. At 8:30 PM on a Saturday. 8O

As mentioned above, good reason to never verbally give phone or credit card info in public.

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