Despatches: Undercover Copper

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Country_Bumpkin, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone any opinions on this programme, broadcast on Channel 4 last night at 9pm?

    Undercover bobby Nina Hobson (remember that name, she may crop up again) rejoined Leicestershire Constabulary after a five year career break simply to spy on he colleagues and dish the dirt on their bad habits and opinions. Having seen previous programmes about undercover traffic wardens taking bribes to write-off tickets and undercover estate agents deliberately ripping off customers I thought this might be informative TV.

    In reality an absolute disappointment and waste of airtime. After 1 hour of viewing we discover, quel surprise, that the featured coppers play games when they are bored, live on takeway food, have some sexist opinions, like to admire girls with nice tits in Nuts magazine, park on double yellow lines, ignore some calls on their radio, hate the CPS, bump up the detection rate and think the Home Office's performance related pay is a load of tosh. And this is as controversial as it gets after 4-months of some two-faced cow stitching up her workmates. Hardly ground-breaking revelations. STOP PRESS: I bet this happens in the other 43 Police Forces in England and Wales too. Big deal.

    Hope Nina Hobson plans on changing her name by deed poll. How else will any employer ever trust such a selfish and two-faced bitch ever again?
  2. When Fat boy Clarke has his way, there wont be 43 Forces that this can happen in anymore!.
  3. I watched it for about 10 mins and then switched off. I thought it was just unpleasant this kind of spying on people. How she can live withher self after this when she was spying on her 'mates'.

    Does she think this will have the effect of helping women in the police. I think it will have the oposite result.

    Mind you this is the kind of sneaky world we live in.
  4. It did highlight some disturbing incidents though. Ignoring 999 calls, ignoring a bleeding man on the street etc. As for watching porn on night shift, sounds like most guard rooms at night. ooops, hope theres no undercover repoters on here!!
    I thought the issue of the chemical spray was fair enough - don't waste the antidote on a prisioner, save it for yourself. Bloody scum shouldn't be fighting in the street or assaulting coppers.
  5. Thank goodness there were no rouge ARV Units flying around in that docu. Could you imagine them taking pot shots at the unsuspecting Brazilian tourists!!! :twisted:
  6. I don't know that it highlighted anything of any significance at all Irishmech. The 'man bleeding in the street' was just hear say, speculation an unsubstantiated boast or whatever you want to call it. The porn watching could just have been a tongue in cheek suggestion, which pinko-liberal dyke Hobson quickly seized on with 'that's a sexist comment Sergeant'.
  7. I fear the day some scrote has a hidden camera and goes in the back of the guard room at 1am to see whats on the vid and hear soldiers opinions on it!!!
  8. I watched it half knowing what to expect. She went back purely for the making of this 'fly on the wall' documentry, which says a lot about her character. She even looked like a sneaky b*stard. I'm surprised that none of them sussed her out by the manner in which she was talking to them. If she was so concerned about the trafic visiting her house, why the f*ck did she let them in? Throughout the programme, she certainly appeared to be leading some of them on with her questions. There are lazy b*stards in every employment but there is an expression which says 'there's nothing lazier than a copper'. Having spent 3 years with them, I know that this statement is true and that there are some really idle people in blue uniforms. Nevertheless, there are some real lazy b*stards in all jobs and that includes the Army. The whole programme was a set up. I wasn't disappointed at the end as it was exactly how I expected it to be. As for her crying at the end, what was all that about? 16yrs? 16yrs and then you fly back in for a few months after a 5 year break just to spy on your former mates? Yep, some of it was well ot of order such as the refusal to go out to an emergency call and the failure to sedn a SOCO to a rape scene, but the management or at least supervision should have sorted that out. Did she report these failures to supervision? I didn't see soem of it so I don't know. If she didn't then she is also at fault. But then again, the programme was very subjective and indeed that was how it was intended to be. Some of the comments from the blokes were a bit crass and a bit unprofessional, but they were made in what they felt were safe confines and not in the public.

    I hope that she is proud of herself. I hope the BBC has kept it's door open for her.
  9. Thats exactly what Mrs Mech said to me last night. I wouldn't be surprised if its going on somewhere right now. Watch what you say people. In fact I think I best rough up some of the lads to check for hidden cameras.

    C-B, fair point about the 'bleeding man' but you must agree that ignoring 999 calls is a no-no. I would be a bit concerned if I had an axe wielding maniac in my house and plod didn't rock up because he was having scoff or was about to knock off.

    While I'm here I must say that it was a shitty thing for her to do. Why not use the chain of command instead of being a snake in the grass.
  10. I absolutely agree on the 999 call point. But that's about it as far as the scandal goes.
  11. The programme and that loathsome woman went out in search of scandal and, instead, found a cross section of the national demographic - some idle sods, some wasters and some good blokes. The fact that their most outrageous scoops were coppers parking on double yellows and a 'sexist' Sgt who didn't want a women in the thick of it at kicking-out time showed that the programme failed in its aim. Indeed, the thrust of the programme was so lame that it could not decide whether it was an attack on Male Coppers, the Leics Police or the Home Office. I liked the deal at the Chinkey, though. A meal for a quid. If it was Tony and the boys, I suppose the takeaway's owner would have been up for a CBE.
  12. Channel 4 documentaries always seem to promise lots but then fail to deliver.

    They also seem to throw up more questions than they answer.

    Glad I didn't watch it, it obviously didn't impress.
  13. I thought it was significant that in her five year break from the Police she had worked in "the media", so now we know what her motivation was! As for the slobbering at the end about "sixteen years of her life", Pass me the sick bag please!!! Bloke here says he did his CID course with her years ago and even then she had "issues" A f**king crank basically. Anyway, I'm transferring to the Leicestershire Cops, cheap food, Porn and in-house sports, sounds like a fun place to be!!!
  14. Bit dubious receiving refreshment like this - any added protein maybe?
  15. Ah the bint who looks like predator. 16 years service including 5 as a career break. What a load of bs. As someone who is just starting in the plod carp like this makes me puke. 4 months filming and this is all she could come up with! Yes their are a few crap coppers, just like in any job, but their are a lot of good ones. I bet her husband who is a serving police officer is having a nice time on shift at the mo...