desmonds dribble

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by desmond, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Having being apprized of the information. This complex operation occurred to my friend, Aphrodie_Squaddie. Anyway MDN how the f uck are u a Mod u cnut with such a dirty arrse mouth u were born with? Even Moody wont talk to you. And your apparently you are dead in 'the shot' if you try to chat her up there, cos she sed so tw4t. dat der gal hates u man.
  2. Nothing happens in Aldershot without my say so.
  3. Oh yeah, who da f uck r u???
  4. Someone with a grasp of the Queens English.
  5. Probably your daddy, or one of them.

    Crawl back to the gaping cnut you spawned from you chav abortion
  6. Don't know about that Crabby, even I had standards in those days. If she wore Ron Hills with holes in she had no chance.
  7. Do you yourself have a good grasp of the Queens Lingo??

    I do, pre-requisite for certain entry to some areas of HM forces cnut
  8. Never knew the Sodexho test was that hard.
  9. Piece of p iss as u well know. you passed it did you not? cnut. Are we at literary war here? cos that could be fun.
  10. Literary or literacy? They're quite different you know, and from context I'd suggest you meant literacy.

    Just had a flick through your putrid posts. You're a nosher of the highest order. Also, what is the vendetta against mdn? You've not been here long enough to be sufficiently insulted.

    Although your chv spk offends. Wht da ya fink u is doin? I is a fcukin sick cnut etc etc. Bore off
  11. Has someone invented a new Regiment? I thought we were short, but that's just crazy.

    "Yes sah, LBdr Dogshitter, 1st Regt HMFC, for your inspection. Saaaaaah".

    P.S. You missed an apostrophe out of your post. I won't tell you where it's missing from, I'll just let you lose sleep over it.

    P.P.S. I think you're a prick Desmond.
  12. Maybe Aphrodite_Squaddie could design the cap bage?! :wink:
  13. I love MDN, love to get p issed with him in a good boozer, possibly in 'the shot'. And btw your chav speak is absolutely horrendous. Unfortunately picking my mucker from 42 commando on a Falklands mash up shortly, but then free to go. So f uck you crabby, you sideways flyer.
  14. Wrong on several counts - although you are right about my chav speak being horrendous.

    HMFC - nickname for the RMP right? :D
  15. OH wELL fuc kit it as been a laugh God Bless and good luck guten nacht