Desktop Computer... Which One?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Gundulph, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Looking to change the old workhorse laptop for a desktop but have no idea what is good or bad, anyone have any thoughts or decent links on the subject?

  2. You need one with an additional 'Porn Drive' for storing excessive amounts of adult art.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Fully agree, the larger porn storage space the better :wink:

  5. That is a good list senor, but I didn't see anything with the 'New Pornomatic 3000' extra 30 Gig filth disc.
    Dell are quite good, I believe they solved the Y2K problem by using KY gel, apparently it works by helping you get 4 digits in one date.
  6. Never buy anything by Dell, they’re poo.
    In the last two company’s I’ve worked for I’ve had nothing but trouble with their desktops and laptops. They have a reputation for terrible quality with it comes to hardware.
  7. Maybe you just overloaded them with qualitat continental fist leibe clips?

  8. What about IBM?

    I had similar with DELL in the past, the Toshiba Laptops are something else! after a desktop though so its easier to upgrade etc. in future...
  9. What do you want to use it for? How long do you want it to last? How much (ish) do you want to spend? Do you have any special requirments (apart from porn!) ? Do you require a printer? ADSL Connection? Which operating system do you want to use?
  10. If I were you I’d build it myself, it’s not that hard.
    I built my PC and got all the parts from here

    It’s cheaper to do it yourself and you know you’re getting quality.
  11. Hmm, see your point! I will obviously have to put some more thought into it...
  12. Dont discount dell. Used them at last 2 companies. Current coy is global with 300+ Servers and 5000 + desktop\laptop. Not had any major problems with them. If you upgrade the standard warranty to 3 year next day on site then if its fecked they will come out and fix it. (if its a hardware issue). Dell get a bad rep but if you look at the number of units they ship and the number of global contracts they have with large orgs they must be doing something right!

    Building you own cheaper?? This was true up till about 3 years ago but due to the bulk buying power of companies like dell this is not quite as true anymore if your just after a standard desktop. If you want it to be a high end workstation then yes build your own and save heaps. If your just looking for something to store porn, look at arrse and do some WP'ing and play a few games go for a decent branded PC. Dell will do you an entry level PC with a flat monitor for about £350 - £400 if you look in the right place. Its the extras that will bring it up in price like decent graphics card and upgrade to bigger monitor and the 3 year on site waranty.

    Question to ask yourself.. Are you confident enough to fix hardware problems by yourself or do you want the security of being able to get someone to do it for you? Just some extra points to think about.
  13. Yes Dell are a global company but the (desktop) product is sh1t, bad design, inconsistant hadware specs etc. Having said that their server based kit is very good and cheap.

    It is not cheaper to build it yourself but if you spec the base unit yourself you are then able to "Upgrade" to your hearts content.

    From Personal Experience (19 years) the ideal is: AMD 3000+, 939 socket (64 bit Duel core enabled) motherboard, 512MB RAM, 1st HDD 40/60GB, Porn drive 200 - 250 GB. DVD RW + a CD-CDRW unit 128MG 16x or 256MB 16xPCI G/card and a 19" TFT . In total about £800 inc.

    To upgrade it means replacing the CPU with an AMD 4000+ (Duel core) and adding memory. (the current cost of a 4200 Duel core cpu is about £200)

    OS NEEDS to be XP Prof and not home. Download your required apps. Ignore built in WIFI etc. as it does nothing for your usability.

    PM me if you need further info at no extra cost.