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who wants them, they make out that they pay you your wages out of their own pocket

Come on agc lets face it your c""p


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I do agree sometimes. Unfortunately how you read rules can be either for the soldier or against.  Can't quite remember the saying; rules are instructions for idiots and guides for wise men.  Sometimes some AGC, and other support services attemp to make the rule against you, with the attitude that you are on a fiddle, however there are some exceptionally good ones.

For those of you who remember RAPC, they wern't always the most "understanding" were they?
I hoped the AGC would have changed when the all arms clerks joined but unfortunately most of them left.

Don't think it is AGC, just think about old Cpl SweatyArse who works in your own QM store!

For the record though, the AGC Cpl who does our pay is really top notch, but there is no way I would want to do his job....!

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I have to say this !

I firmly believe there are sh*tbags in all trades ie the good RQMS and the Bad one. The good Pay bloke the bad. There will always be the bad apple who will normally come to a sticky end when he needs something from you and yours.

Revenge is sweet ?
We might be desktop commando's, but really, why do you think we are called that?  Because we do your job aswell as our own.  As all over the army, we do the best with the crap equipment we have be given.  If you think you can do better, then be my guest.  You will always get the crap clk, that you slag off when messes up your pay, but just think to yourself, how many times have you gone out of your way to thank the clk, that stayed in all night sorting your pay out that APC Glasgow messed up.  Just for the record, all the times that your LOA and LSSA have been messed up is because you never booked out on course.  Do you think that we have crystal balls! :mad:

Shame us

Talking from personal experience, I've nothing but respect for my unit's green-bereted specialists - always there on a Wednesday afternoon when you need someone to partner you around the 18...


Anonymous said:
who wants them, they make out that they pay you your wages out of their own pocket

Come on agc lets face it your c""p
:lol: Nice to see you have the courage of your convictions and huge cahoonas to post a message as anon :lol:

I am a desktop comando myself and I work my b***s off. Most of what I do is correcting some programmers arse attempt at "improving" the APC computer system which then goes and screws some poor buggers pay. I can sympathise, especially when the only reason you get is "it wasnt us it was APC". The rest is making sure that when it matters, your next of kin is there for you or vice versa.

Yes, all of us in the All Girlie Corps aren't conscientious enough to do all that it takes to give 100% all of the time, but before you condem us all ask yourself if you do.


I was waiting for over 11 months for pay of higher rank and loa. The clerk in charge was a lazy tw#t who kept saying it must have gone wrong elsewhere. He was posted in came his replacement who got straight on the case. Two weeks later two and a half thousand quid in the bank. It just goes to prove there are good and bad in all trades (mostly good I have found). :lol:

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