Desk_Jockey - an explanation and apology

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Desk_Jockey, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. I think you’re all owed an explanation for the postings on Friday in that walting thread, and an apology – even though I was only indirectly to blame. Yes, the posts came from my account and under my name, but they weren’t from me. I was silly enough to wander off to a meeting Friday morning, leaving my PC unlocked and logged in to ARRSE, and it looks like one of my colleagues took the opportunity for some fun and games. I know I should have posted something on Friday afternoon when I got back and saw the hoo-ha, but feelings were running so high that I decided – rightly or wrongly – to give it the weekend and see if things cooled off a bit.

    There were some things in there that were true, and that all my colleagues know about me. Yes, I went through OASC, and yes, I hold a PPL – or rather, I held a PPL as it’s been lapsed for some time now: when the kids and the mortgage came along there were more pressing things to spend money on apart from keeping my flying hours up. And yes, the godfather of my three youngest children is an ex-2 Para Falklands vet: a man for whom I have the utmost admiration and respect, and a man by whose side I’ve stood and watched cry for the friends he left behind on too many occasions to do anything to cheapen the sacrifices he made.

    That’s where the truth in those postings ends however. I have never, and would never, claim any achievements for myself that I had not earned, even for the purposes of trapping. Such a thing would go against all the principles my late parents instilled in me (both of them ex-services – my dad was in the RAF and my mum was a WRAAF. No idea where my dad served as he never spoke about it, but my mum was based at RAF Locking in the 50s). I realise that I am in the rather invidious position of not being able to back any of this up, but ask yourselves one question: how likely is it that someone would freely confess to being a walt on a site like this, especially someone who’s been a member for long enough to know what the consequences would be?

    That’s about all I can say. You will either accept this or not, but whether or not you do, you had the right to expect an explanation of what happened and an apology on my colleague’s behalf (whoever they were – I haven’t tracked them down yet) for upsetting so many of you. And I believe I had the right – and indeed the obligation – to make it.

    Desk_Jockey (the real one)
  2. Don't believe you but it doesn't matter, no one lost any sleep over it.....

    Have you lobbed anything at RBL yet? They love donations
  3. Did your tales of daring woe allow you to bag off over the weekend? ;)
  4. meh. kept me amused on friday. Who leaves ARRSE on their screen and fcuks off to a meeting, just out of interest.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I obviously missed all the fun and games. Please provide a clicky so that I can jump in on the other thread and bang out some mischief.

    As for this thread: Please refer to The Lord Flashheart.
  6. If I had PTSD, perhaps I'd care, and rant and rave........ oh, apparently I do, yet I still can't be bothered!

    I think you have more to worry about with so called 'friends' at work than us!

  7. A fuckwit obviously.

    It's like leaving your gat lying around. Basic schoolboy stuff, day one, week one gentlemen.
  8. Sounds like a huge back track with the old 'it wasn't me' sketch...........

    How would your colleagues know what walting etc was?

    plus there's this:
    why would a colleague apologise? They'd surely attempt to rile up the posters here even further wouldn't they if they were after a wind up??

    You're a fcukin Walt and that's the end of it. Now fcuk off.
  9. What's harder than finding Maddy Mcann?????

    My cock when I look at her photo.
  10. Unfortunately tales of daring woe mind, I've always relied on my good looks, charm, and the fact that I've got one like Kojak in a roll-neck sweater :twisted:

    MDN - good idea about the RBL. I'll make a donation as an act of contrition for being a feckwit.

    Joe_Squad - I work with a load of servicemen, some of whom at least lurk on here if they don't actually post (from their own machines anyway :roll: )
  11. You're back tracking. Don't fcukin roll your virtual eyes at me you cnut. If it was a squaddie or ex-squaddie that had 'taken over' your machine they defo wouldn't have apologised in the manner you did in the thread, they'd have stitched you up good and proper.

    You've outed yourself and you don't like the whirlwind that you've reaped so now you're blaming the phantom account thief. Cnut.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yeah of course they did. Just how stupid do you think we are?
  13. My bold. No idea - Like I said, I don't know who it was yet. The only thing I can guess at is that they realised they'd gone a bit too far with the original post and tried to row back a bit once they saw how upset people were getting.
  14. Bullshit.