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Discussion in 'RLC' started by HollowTip, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Your great fantastic and i love you, creep creep creep
  2. Erm, i think its you.

    I've always found MCM div to be very helpful and wilko. The problem is, many people expect them to be a panacea of knowledge or a career oracle. I've always found that if you do the homework/ groundwork and offer people a solution or a couple of solutions they will advise the best plan accordingly.

    I also think you should edit your post...RLC MCM div isn't that big, and the DOs not only read arrse but they also talk to each wouldn't be difficult for them to work out who you are, thus ensuring a swift 9 month M/U det to FIs!

    Maybe a better approach would have been this......

    (deliberate hollow tip rings round his mates to find out which postings are coming up/visits his RCMO who phones other RCMOs)

    Soldier A. Sir i hear there's a Tp SSgts job going in bielefeld,

    MCM. Sorry son, its been filled already.

    Soldier A. Ok, what about 1 LSR in Guetersloh, xx Sqn

    MCM. Yep, that's still free, get your PPP filled out and get it into the RCMO asap!

  3. :0) Noted, digested and bows ones head in shame, all the same, steam blown, and extiquished Oh the prospect, sunny FI again, i can feel it in the water!
  4. Good Advice GB, as i was always taught go through the RCMO he who has the fingers in every pie will know where to find out the info and get you that job that you want.

    HT, maybe sometimes when you answer the phone for the 100th time that day with the same request on posts available, would you not get a little miffed, hence the reason why the RCMO was introduced to the Regts to stop this from happening. :eek:
  5. Okay, so my post was a little strong but hey, i do answer the phone on average 70 times a day and i dont have an RCMO,
  6. so has the postings tombola been computerised yet, or do they still all stand around it on monday morning like its the FA cup draw and decide our fate?
  7. Its the World cup this Year! and i think its decided on a friday morning before they go home at midday, hahaha
  8. you,


    are in no position to complain about MCM Div!!!! :lol:
  9. I think everyone has a right to complain about MCM Div ever since they changed their name from Manning & Records (which they managed, just) and moved to Glasgow from where ever they were, lost all the records and laughingly rebadge themsels Manning and Career Management!

    GB, you hit the nail on the head, it is the soldier via RCMO who manages his own career. More info should be given yto the soldier to facilitate this. However MCM Div know that Knowledge is Power and to divulge the availability of posts would actually allow people that don't kisss the correct arrse (be it sport or friends or whatever) where they could go if the good bits weren't already earmarked.

    I have had no problems with MCM - yet, I would just be interested to know how they claim their name!
  10. Career Management???? What's that?

    Managed by mongs more like............. Feckers
  11. I think they are ace... But hey I might just be a little Biased because I just got the posting I asked for..... Many Many Many thanks love ya all..... lol
  12. OK guys, i started so really i should finish it, Its not that i have a problem with MCM as a whole, I just think that Information should be available to all and especially soldiers who are working out of mainstream and dont have the same access to that of most soldiers ie an RCMO, I have been lucky enough to have every posting ive ever asked for, just in this case when im in my last few years as such i didnt really want to waste a PPP, I wanted to get it right for all involved.
    Having RCMO's as mates did help a little but i couldnt exactley ask them to ask MCM on my behalf, In the end i did the next best thing, I got on the internet. trawled thorugh all the Army sites, and rang units direct to find out what was going. Took me two days and even then i was'nt too sure on what the best thing to do was, In the end, Got pissed off and just sent my PPP in.
    I think initially i was pissed at the attitude on the phone,coming across as "couldnt give a FxxK" if ya knw what i mean, and yes, i understand that they get 100's of calls a day etc, thats why i rang first thing in the morning and i mean first thing.
    Anyway, a Posting order is what it says a posting order, so im just going to see what happens next.
    Its not MCM thats the problem, Its passage of information,
    Anyway, subject closed and back to the day job!

    (see you in the Falklands probably) :roll:
  13. I have found in the past if the RCMO calls on your behalf the desk officer will give you a list of available then fill out a PPP in and fax it off.. and shazam you got your job! Or maybe that might just be our desk officer....Quality
  14. Cant agree more Marky, Ive found the same in the past, but as my mate said explained, if XXXX ask on my behalf then next thing is the DO is asking who for, they cant exactley tell them its for someone who is outside of their unit and i wouldnt put them in a position.
  15. Be careful what you ask for…………you just might get it 8O