On behalf of a friend:

I would like to quash any mis conceptions with regards to the desk officers who post and look after us at MCM Div at Glasgow, of course I can only speak from my experience,

In my experience I have found the desk officers both helpfull and approachable. On the few occassions I have made contact, at no time have I been turned away or ignored. Of course we have to be of a suitable rank to make contact in the first place.

I would like to thank my desk officer Donna for her service (17 years) and encourage her to continue an excellent service for the Area Sys Op trade groups.
I too would like to thank "both the Elaines'" who have helped in many ways during the past 8 years in the pressure cooker of making sure everyone gets what they want.

When the signal says "dont contact us for two weeks", it means that they are actually trying to sort things out for us. They dont delibrately screw you over even if it feels that way. I wouldn't get out of bed for £16,000 never mind keep people happy by getting them the posting they want. Thank you ladies
I have the upmost respect for our desk officers. I have always rang records 8-12 months prior to my EOT date, and my posting has been sorted, thank you guys and girls :D
Here is a lesson for all.

If you want a particular posting then you need to do something about it. It is no good just lobbing in a PPP and praying. God is not signals (he can communicate).

Get your Tp Senior or, if you are one, sit in with the 2 i/c or Adj and start working out what you want. He can ring on your behalf, if you are unable too and see what is available, when they are up for grabs and what quals you might need. Once you have the info, get Glasgow to pencil you in. It is not fail safe but will give you a far better chance than the prayer option.

The concure with the sentements already posted. I have always found the girls at Glasgow to be excellent help, full of knowledge and on side. Use them to your advantage (chocolates also help).
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