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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by vikingtrev, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. Can AMS soldiers speak to there desk officers direct for career advice if the current post RCMO is not your cap badge or ceg
  2. Nah, they go straight to CGS for advice. If you want I can PM you his number.
  3. Yea thanks for that dragstrip
  4. It would be courteous to talk to your RCMO first. Ask the question and then mention you would be quite happy to talk direct to your desk officer if that would be helpful. In the same vein, tell the desk officer that you have spoken to the RCMO but he was not able to help you and recommended that you talk direct.

    At the end of it all, advise the RCMO of the outcome of your conversation. If the topic is important, keep a note of what was said, by whom and when, preferably as the conversation is underway, not 3 weeks later.

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  5. No.................the RCMO (or your RMO) does that for you. Or you can ask to speak with your SO2 Med - each GM Brigade now has one.
  6. Many thanks
  7. Sorry VT, its my time of the month.
  8. Don't know your situation obviously but don't you, as Corps, have your 'own' RCMO to look after you, i.e. your cap badge covering perhaps a wider area?

    Edited to add: +1 for Litotes advice, regardless of which RCMO you speak to - make records.
  9. I second Counterstrike's comments, he should know, he's spent more time in the RCMOs office than he has on the shop :)