Desk Admin costing £7.4m

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo2nothing, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. I can't believe what some companies are able to make money out of. Unipart have managed to 'consult' on how to keep a desk tidy.

    What a load of shite!

  2. on this subject
    apparently the civil service have to have masking tape on their desk to say where the phone, keyboard, pens, etc go. (bbc this morning) all in the name of efficiency.
    General warning. If anyone comes near me with a roll of harry black they will be wrapped up in it, none too gently either.
  3. Find the man responsible for this nonsense. Remind him that he is paid to manage. Express sadness that he is unable to fulfill his management duties and them give him a P45 and advice where to get a job more suitable to his talents.
  4. Oh FFS! :roll:

    However thought up that scheme needs their brain re-aranged, preferably all over the f**king desk with repeated blows from a sharp paper weight.
  5. Yeah ???

    Link ??

    Which civil servants ?? 'the civil service' is a big beast.

    Ain't reached where I sit - sounds complete b0llocks.

  6. I have to admire the person that thought this up... a get rich quick scheme that only HMG could fall for...