Desirable Places To Live In Britain

After the Arrse-holes of Britain listings ,lets hear about some positive desirable places to live in Britain, I`ll start with....eerm I`ll get back soon.......
I've often thought one of those charming little English villages would be a nice place to live. Without all the murders of course.


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Fort William

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I assume it differs...

Plymouth for hedonistic chaos

Hampshire for child education

France for acreage

Brazil for serious birdage

If you own a helicopter.


I spent a week up there doing a spot of adventure trg back in '99. I remember getting to the top of Ben Nevis, and in amongst the piles of rocks and rubble, there were endless empty cans of Special Brew and Skol Super.

I remember thinking to myself at the time, stood there blowing out of my arrse, who the fuck would walk all that way up a geet-big mountain just to have a crafty sup on a few tinnies? It's tramp-ale ffs - it's not as if their low self-esteem would allow them to become all self-conscious in the company of Joe Public!

"Giz 10p for a cuppa tea ya wee bass-tah! Reet, 'am off ta climb this fookin greet big hill ya wee dorties"
Plymouth for hedonistic chaos
Maybe if you're newly arrived from another planet or you're on hallucinogenic drugs. The effect wears off very quickly and within 20 minutes you're saying "shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, they were field mushrooms - people actually live like this..." Amazing really!

My vote is my house - everywhere else is a shithole.
Buckingham Palace [if you've just got to live in the Capitol City.]
Anywhere in the good parts of the soft South [Hants/Dorset and parts of Devon.]

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