designing new kit & working for Defence Clothing?

I have just returned from a TA tour on Herrick, and spent some time working with a guy who had previously worked at Defence Clothing (DC). He had worked on the new Osprey CBA, and the desert Ops Vest.

It sounded like a very interesting team, and I fancy getting involved. Does anyone out there know how to get a job with the MOD working for the Defence Clothing IPT? The MOD website is not particularly helpfull, and I wonder if any of you had any contacts?

Thanks, WM.
Their telephone number can be found here. If you've got enough front, I suggest that you ask to speak direct to the Col who is the IPT Leader (his name can be found on the MOD website).

Be aware that if you want a decent technical (non admin) project officer job, you will be expected to have a decent technical qualification, preferably an engineering degree, HND or have done an apprenticeship, plus relevant experience.

The other thing to be aware of is that Caversfield is due to close in 2009-2010 and the staff to relocate to Bristol.

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