Designed to Kill

Caught me out. I thought it was going to be a film all about the Aldershot Concrete Company! ;-)


How come blokes and weapons looked Way Ally-er in WW2 than on these videos. And that was, what, 25 - 35 years previous?
How embarrassing an ATO having to drive a Land Rover with red wings!


Good film, I cried.

Did you see how that boy was carrying his toy SLR? Fuckin disgrace, really.

Luckily nothing happened to "Little Johnny" when he was shoo-ed away by sisters boyfriend, imagine the guilt, she s in seventh heaven with that bloke (he was out of the "What a window-cleaner saw" films) doing her back chute in and little Johnny gets blown to pieces. Explain that to yer mum.

In all, 7/10, but I wouldnt watch it again, too scarey.


I know...slack little ******.

Yeh, Walting little bastard.......

My fave is the twat with hammer and punch, trying to eject that shell, with the breach open, using percussion tools, I would have given my left arm to have seen that live, in slow motion. One of Darwins best.

We had a Scouse M******, C-subs No.1, must of been 89/90 in Soltau, I was Acking on the active CP and we had a big Fire-plan going on for hours, (for those of you that dont know, a fire-plan is a time set-piece on pre-allocated targets, guns are layed and loaded ready). During a lull, the BV s went on and all of a sudden "Boom". CPO gets on the line and asks which gun had fired (although we could of guessed) and no answer came from C-Sub. CP Crew-commander then goes over to see C-sub and finds Scouse reassembling his Fire-control-box! Scouse s excuse was that the FCB was faulty, thats why he ND ed, and he was having a look at it?!

Reduced to LBdr and sent to the Outer Hebrides, bless him.
Luvverly...chiefys, slr's, 43's, saladin, for a quick one off the wrist.

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