Designed by a squaddie?

That Website said:
Due to the nature of the product and for hygiene reasons, this item is non returnable.
Classic stuff!


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do they have range cards on the boxes anymore? if so its a good target/cut out. you can backfill your ration box and give it back to the cq as a token of your love.


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cling film was allways best as you could crush up a malt loaf into a turd then unwrap it later knowing that no one else would touch it.
DIY it - bin liner & a 10x24hr rat pack box.

N.B. Remove rations first.
Bloody modern technology. Grumble, whinge, moan.


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got 4 boxes in the shed, which way up do you recommend?
Difficult to crap standing on yer 'ead, mate.


it's supposed to be rated for 16 stone? i'm 18 stone so it would be entertaining
for me to lay a cable in one. dunno if i'd pay 20 bucks for a cardboard box when
i can shit in a hole for free. :)
Want one, if only for the quality of the advert. Never heard of "lose your Bungle’s fingers", learn something every day!

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