Discussion in 'Sappers' started by lemonkettaz, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. I'm hit a bit of a wall, I really want to go in as design draughtsman because basically i find it interesting and also it's good for the future after the army.

    But i'm debating with myself whether I'd like to be hidden away from any sort of "action" a term I'll use loosely.

    I know you can branch off after so many years in the job to do parachute engineering and the like...

    So could I do the design draughtsman route then do the sticky stuff or will I forever be a geek with my job choice?

    Cheers for the info. I have adsc this week and im unsure whether i should bring this type of conversation into an interview if it's possible.
  2. Hiya mate, Just because you would go Draftsman, doesnt necissarily mean anything... your 1st job is a Soldier, your second job is a combat engineer, and then IF it ever is needed you would do design draftsman as your third job...

    The Royal Engineers are very varied in what is done in the job... even as a draftsman you could get attached to an infantry unit. if not, there are field units or support units. but either way you will go on tour.

    I hope this helps mate, and if i have any of this info wrong, hopefully someone will correct me.

    good luck!
  3. As has been said you are a soldier first, combat engineer second and tradesman third (theoretically at any rate). Being a draughty doesn't automatically mean you won't get out on the ground etc. Unless you are fortuant to get a trade post straight away at Chilwell or one of the Airfield units you will more than likely go to a Close Support Engineer regiment and from there into a field section.

    If you want to do parachuting go for it. There are enough design trades out there who are commando, para or diver trained.
  4. Class, cheers.

    Do you mean there aren't enough design trades that are para trained.. or there are enough already?

    I think i'll probably want to do that route, however.. who knows what will happen.

    Got to get in first
  5. There are never enough para or commando trained personnel due to the nature of the training.
  6. Let us know how you do at selection mate as I'm joining RE as a Design Draughtsman. Phase 1 on 7th Feb at Bassingbourn. Good luck bud!
  7. Will do, cheers.

    Wish it was 7th of Feb for me mate :)
  8. Your gonna be in for a long wait! Passed selection back in June and have been slowly counting down the days since! I have to be careful to keep my beer belly in check as I don't want to turn up as a fat pie eating beer monster!
  9. When you waiting for though March/April?

    Surely depending on how ADSC goes i'll probably be put in basic around that time next year?
  10. Hi Lemonkettaz,

    Well i served as a Design Draughtsman in the beloved Corps for 12years and recently joined the TA (yeah I know Im a sad git but I missed it!)

    Things may have changed slightly now but when I joined up I did my basic, then my B3 Cbt Engr, then got posted to a Field unit for 3 years prior to my trade course. in that time I went on exercises in Germany, Canada and the Gulf war pt1 (yes it was a long time ago!), nowadays you'll probably be spending time in a sandy place somewhere! I then did my A2 and I was then posted to a Design Team (STRE), but this wasn't guaranteed. In about 80% of cases a A2 Design didn't get posted to a design team straight away, it wasn't until they were an A1 did they really start using their trade.

    So as it has been said already you can do 9 Sqn or 59 just after your trade training as you (used to) get posted from the course and then when you get your A1 (if your going to stay in that long) you can concentrate on your trade.

    or you can always go over to the 'dark side' and go Clerk of Works!

    Anyway all the best, and when you do get out it does give you great opportunities....

    All the best
  11. Passed ADSC today with a grade B.

    Need to phone afco monday morning but I'm now dreading the wait to start considering the design job is a long waiting time.

    Plus I think i may have to go and see the engineers for some more tests? Is this true...

    I think my recruiter mentioned it to me ages ago... nothing was said about it at ADSC though
  12. Congrats on passing selection Lemonkrettaz!

    I passed my ADSC on the 1st of July 2009 with a Grade B as well and was given a Phase 1 date as a Design Draughtsman of 7th Feb 2010. Thats a total of just over 7 months waiting for Phase 1 to start! I think there may be an intake in June July time for 2010 so depending on numbers you may have to wait until then.

    The only additional test you had to do to join the engineers is the written Technical Selection Test which you do at selection.

    The only thing you have to do now is let your recruiter know you want to accept the offer for joining the army and wait for Phase 1 to come round. Enjoy the wait!
  13. June or July crikey.

    Hope I get away before that like, i've got March/April in my head for some reason :)

    I know a lad who has just done adsc and is going for the royal engineers too and he has a date of March 21st.

    Will just have to pop down the afco monday morning, I will tell them I want to start now ha :)
  14. I'm a Class 2 Design Draughtsman serving in 9 Para Sqn, in a field troop. Unless you get a trade posting you won't touch it again until your Class 1. TBH once your in a troop, particularly in 9 Sqn, you don't want to fanny about with pencils anymore, you want to get amongst the infantry skills and blow stuff up. So yes you can be a Draughtie and a Paratrooper, but we are an elite group of hard drinking, hard fighting intellects with the balance of brain and brawn that make women weak at the knees and froth at the gash ;-)

    That has to be the funniest piece of fiction I have ever read.................. oh my sides.........


    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :headbang: