Design your own terrorist

Personally I'd go for a Woolworths beach towel arrogantly twisted round the head, held together with one of those schoolboys elastic belts with a horizontal "s" which were pop when I was a kid. clutching a plastic 1.5 litre bottle displaying the words "Frosty JacK" and containing talcum powder which his fellow freedom fighter had told him was de-jellied semtex.
I always fancied that Lalya Kalhid who nicked a BOAC VC10 back in the 70s death by sh***** would have been the sentence
Edit: Bugger, Didnt work

One of the coleens was worth a go if you were perverse, but wasn't my ideal of a female terrorist. Which is : a nubile moderately largely broad in the upper regions but rather tight in the lower. inclined to be tearful when questioned by security and willing to be taken into a room with plush furnishings,soft but rythmic music and plentiful supplies of romance juice.


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I win! :D


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