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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Proper_Gander, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. got a phonecall from my recruiter today. he put me down as Design Technician, i have foreign grades that can't be equated to GCSE's, but i completed a 4 year apprenticeship as a draughty they'll let me go DT.

    there seems to be a lot of potential and some good quals to boot, i'd also get to freshen up my draughty skills (if i went DD that is)

    what can i expect from the job though? how much Combat Engineering would i really get to do? would i spend most of the time in an office? :(
    which doors open? which doors close?
  2. You are refering to a Design Draughtsman. As a Class 2 you can design single storey buildings and as a Class One you can design double storey buildings, all within the confines of Building Regulations. You'll learn how to use different military documents to size a building and it's services. You'll also do a bit of camp design, some basic quantity surveying and field fortifications. There is a lot to take in and a lot of work on your trade course. Being a trained draughty will help, especially if you are clued up on AutoCad.

    How much you do your trade depends on where you get posted. If you go to a normal regiment you will more than likely being doing a fair amount of combat engineering unless you get put in the Construction Supervision Cell. If you get posted to a Works Group you will just be draughty'ing. As a Class Two it is one hell of a learning curve. It is a very busy five years for a first tour draughty.

    Design Draughtsman is primarily seen by records as a feeder trade for Clerk of Works (Construction) but you can also follow the combat engineering trade stream once you reach Cpl.
  3. don't want to come across as full of myself but i should fly through that. i worked for the engineers of the guys who made the birdsnest in Beijing (just a most recent and known example)
    the things you were talking about sounded a lot simpler than the things i was doing not too long ago.

    i'll have to freshen up my CAD skills though, the last version i used was 2000, had a short course on 2006 (3d) but left the company to do some travelling shortly after.

    so do i get to chose between a normal regiment, the Construction Supervision Cell or the Works Group?

    CoW would be interesting, i'd fancy something similar in civvy street too but i'd have to go to several schools first. ultimately, i'll have to find out for myself whether i go for CoW (if i get the opportunity) or follow the Combat Engineering side of things then!

    thanks for the reply
  4. You can put down a preference of unit but that's about it. The CSC is part of a regiment, it depends if you get put it in or not. If it's something you want to do push for it.

    Don't worry to much about 3d CAD, it's not something you really need for either your Class 2 or Class 1. I'd purchase a copy of Construction Technology by Chudley and Greeno and practise drawing the details in there. Finding decent specs is key as well. A decent spec should have manufacturers name (where relevent), dims, how it is fixed, what it is being fixed to and any specific standards e.g. Ibstock clay FN facing brick, 215x102.5x65mm, laid in stretcher bond, frog up on a 10mm bed of fresh mortar.

    Clk Wks in the Corps is not the same as what a civvy clerk of works does. You don't need any extra schooling to become a Clk Wks, just a reasonable standard of maths and English and a good work ethic. I'm not going to lie to you, the course is a real ball breaker and is certainly not for everybody. If you pass it does open up a lot of doors to you when you leave (some consider it the best resettlement course the Corps has to offer!), decent qualifications (foundation degree when you pass and enrollment on a modular masters although this is a few years off for the masters) and some decent postings (Clk Wks still have the overseas garrison posts such as Nepal, Naples, Brunei, Belize, Kenya etc). If you want to know more about what it entails pm me and I will give you the low down.
  5. well... i don't!
    i don't want to join the army to be a draughtsman only, got forbid, i want a lot of variety. i can be a draughtsman already, and probably work on more interesting projects too. (no offence!)

    that however sounds very appealing! whether the course is for me or not i will find out in due time. not easy? not surprised!
  6. Draughtsman or Design Draughtsman?

    As a Design Draughtsman at class 2 you are also expected to be able to assist ME(Svy Engr) recording survey data, go on survey recces & setting out if required etc....body armour, rifle and move outside the wire in an armed convoy to carry out the site vist, its not all dull.

    Civi infastructure, field hospitals, prisoner of war camps, blast structure, fortifications, M&E services, air field support, fortifications, water resources. Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Pakistan, Gibralta, Germany, Falklands, Accension Island, Cyprus, Oman, Brunei, Ghana.

    I guess defining interesting is very subjective.
  7. draughtsman... from a civil engineering perspective. my speciality was re-inforced concrete, also did some surveying, bridges, roads, sewers, some steel and timber constructions, put together lists of materials needed on site... i think that's about it

    sounds good to me! :)

  8. By the sounds of things you'll fly through the course. TBH you'll be pretty unlikely to touch your trade, very few regiments still have a CSC and those that do spend most of their time doing seating plans and mess invites, mega boring. You'll more than likely end up in a field troop doin combat engineering. And if you wana be mega, apply for 23 and jump out of planes.
  9. sounds great :)

    i'd rather go Cdo than Para i think but first things first!