Design Draughtsman questions….

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by atko, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. Hello, my ‘other job’ is in Architectural recruitment and I’m keen to make contact with the relevant people within the Royal Engineers, that are draftsman by trade and have signed off. Could some please point me in the right direction of which regiment to approach or even better a resettlement officer that I could work with……?

    Please feel free to drop me a PM if you want more details of me or the company I represent.

    PS I have also served.
  2. There's some over there. :arrow:
  3. Are you going just for Architectural or do you recruit for Structural Technicians ?. As a DD covers both areas (or did in my day as things do change).
  4. Through me! My fee is a grand a head!!!!!!!!!
  5. Through YOU, through me!

    If I had a bald head like that, I would be hoping for cloudy weather!
  6. Life has taken its toll! 22 years of pure hell!
    But still...I have the the offer still stands :)
  7. GJ

    60/40 spit and I'll keep it going when your in 1 UK Civ Div ;)
  8. a DD - surely you mean Cad Monkey?
  9. Where they the ones who always measured the Angle of their Dangle?
  10. I can still work from outside the wire!
  11. I am not offering you anything CB! Its to the guy asking for CAD blokes :)
  12. should also mention we offer £350 referal fee, if anyone is placed...........come on you treat the Mrs's
  13. You should have kept that bit quiet! I could have made a mint from our place!!!
    Especially after Records visited the other day, and in effect said the beloved Corps would be renaming to the The Royal Corps of Clerks of Works!
    They obviously dont need all the other trades either, as the CoW's can do it all!
    Looks like the new CoW course is 8 years long, and will all be WO1's as they come off it!!!!!
    Or am I being too cynical?????

    Sooooooo glad I leave in the New Year!
  14. I was at that briefing. That Lt Col managed to p155 off 90% of his audience. I'm really glad we have knobs like that looking after our careers! Afterwards the Commander told him to get back in his box though!