Design Draughtsman Courses At Chatham

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by SOLSTICE, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. I finished my B3 comabt engineering course in december and am now waiting until my phase 2b trade course begins DD at chatham
    i have the 4 week assesment date for april but my PSO will only tell me when my course actually starts until i pass the assesment
    i have heard they only run 2 courses a year and the next one is in october, can anyone shed any light on this?
  2. [​IMG]

    do a search for feck sake fella. :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:
  3. do a search for what exactly, when are dd courses starting at chatham? if your going to be a smart cnut at least think about what your going to put first, i not sure if there is a secret chamber that i've not discovered yet, but nowhere on the internet seems to have this info, hence asking on here.
  4. no real need for him to tell you when the course starts until you pass the assessment is there????
    not hard to phone brompton & ask, is it????
  5. You see, the thing is you chopsy little nig cnut you only get the info "WHEN" you pass the assesment otherwise they can tell me when the next pilots course is all I fuc*ing well like but untill i pass the other gumpf then theres no need to know (I would also have to apply for the course but I'm just using it as an example).
    But please feel free to gob off to a bloke with 22+ years served its not like he'll know anyone in the Corps who's actually at Chatham who can make life a pain in the arrse for you is it you little sproggy tw*t.
    And like he says that thing that you use to tell mummy about the nasty traing Cpl's will also actually ring Brompton where with a little politeness you will get answers to some of your more probing questions.
  6. First post therefore Hi everybody!

    Solstice learn your lesson quick and don't gobb off, it usually hurts.

    The reason you won't get given a course date is that:
    -you might not even pass the DTCA or whatever they call it now
    -you might not be suited to being a design draughtsman, you might excel on all subjects and become a surveyor!

    If you still want the want the dates PM me and i'll have a look at the RSME courses list and let you know.

  7. What a gobby cnut, get some time in before chopsing of FELLAH!