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Design a new AMS Flash for CS 95

A small representation of Mickey Mouse should sum the unit up. Or a picture of stetson, coz I'm in a cowboy outfit :lol:

How about gatueax et derriere? Kuchen und arsch? Torta y gaz?
What about flashes for trades?

BMS: a stool with a microscope.

X-ray: A mutant with 2 heads

RGN: A fat arrse

HCA: an even fatter arrse

RMN: a fat arrse with a prozac pill

Come on, add your ideas to this :twisted:
Barrack Room Lawyer said:

Above you can see two examples of the design of my proposal for the new badge,hope you all like it,I think it goes well with DPM.
It is DPM, we wouldn't see it! :roll:

Sure your not a QA in disguise? Do you have blonde hair? :twisted:

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